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Dominos Pizza?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tenoq, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Anyone got any Dominos voucher codes that are valid at the moment? My last ones expired on the New Year. :(

  2. domimos make a horrid pizza.... good luck with that.
  3. I used to think dominos was a good pizza when my only standard of comparison was frozen pizzas from woolies.
  4. Yeah mate, I've got heaps.
    Just pop 'round to pick 'em up :rofl:
  5. Tenoq, doesn't answer your question, but try the old Alfresco's in Baxter for a good pizza - it has a new name but is in the same place =P~
  6. Hey mate,

    I didn't realise they have codes now.... I just say "Yeah, i'd like to order some pizzas, and I have the voucher here for $5.95 pizzas pickup...." :grin:

    Or "... voucher for $7.95 delivered..."

    I used to deliver for a while, i know the old values, not sure if they're still the same... and trust me, 95% of the drivers wont ask for the voucher if you dont have it in your hand already...
  7. I have never forgiven Dominoes for removing the Chicken & Chips pizza from their menu. NEVER.

  8. My favourite thing is to go to coles and buy...

    * 1 or 2 large family pizzas (with toppings) ($3-4)
    * 500g bag of cheese - shredded ($3)
    * 500g of chicken ($5?)
    * pineapple from a can ($2.50)

    I defrost the pizza, and cook the chicken (in a pot after cutting it up), then i put the chicken and pinapple on top of the pizza and cover with cheese. It lasts for ages - and about 1/2 a pizza fills up 2 people lol
  9. EDIT - 500g of chicken (per pizza!) - yeah its alot of chicken!
  10. MMMN i dont remember fondly working form domines.... nor do I remeber ever feeling well after eating one of their pizzas.
  11. are you asking for the pick-up and delivery codes for online orders?

    knock yourself out:

    all valid until 18/2/07.

    large pizzas: p/u- H6UF, del.- 8YGX

    2 large pizzas w/ 1.25L coke & chicken kickers 5 pack: p/u-6909, del.- LSH1

    2 large pizzas ( mon and tues only ): p/u- TXPY, del.- FOJL

    choc fudge brownies 5 pack: RXU4

    um, you may face a dilemma since "they" ask you to "...present the coupon to the operator or driver to receive this offer."
  12. Yeah, they all have that... I didn't ask unless I saw it in their hands, and never really got asked, even when i rang up to place order and picked them up :)