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Domestic Broadband Internet plans - some research shared

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Been doing some homework to get onto broadband.

    Based on the good advice and recommendations I received on another thread about broadband and my lap top, I thought I'd share some pricing findings. See image below. All set up prices include new connection fee (where charged) and a wireless router/modem supplied by the ISP.


    Bundling with AAPT is hard to go past as they waive connection fee and offer their wireless 4port modem, preconfigured for $99. If I went the standard modem, there'd be NO set up cost at all... and since their phone plan is virtually a clone of my current Smellstra service... that's a very hard offer to go past.... and there's no contract...

    Next best option appears to be AANET, 12month contract.

    Thought I'd share.

  2. never heard of Intermode.

    interNode however...................

    to me service is everything.
    Adam Internet offer cheap arse prices, and a lot of my friends took up with them. Then i started to hear the complaints about their service..."it took them 2 weeks to set up my broadband, my e-mail doesn't work, I can't access the net, I've been overcharged..."

    I'm with Internode.
    Best service I've ever had from a company. Ever. for anything.
  3. Internode and Westnet offer best $/service IMHO, having delt with many telco's.
  4. Has anyone tried Dodo? I keep seeing their ads for $19.95 a month for 1.5mb and am tempted to switch from iinet...
  5. Don't. Thats all I can say.... I work for an ISP so I can't say too much. :cool:

    Have a look at the website posted. There is a page where you can compare all ISPs.
  6. the limits covers upload and download (unlike tpg simmilar price, with just covers actually download)
    they charge you large amounts if you go over the limit before they start shaping your speed
    they used to charge you to shape your speed
    thier customer service is BAD - you call them, leave a message, they call you back 3 days later and you are expected to be right at the computer at whatever time you call. if you arent, they wait another 3-7 days before trying again.
    you can go on and on about the downs of dodo!!
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  8. check out adsl2+ if you can. well worth it. also another point is to buy your own modem.. fond out which one you want, then go to THIS SITE and type the model number in and you should find the cheapest place in australia :D

    happy hunting
  9. D'oh!! InterNode it is. Apologies for spelling!!

    Dodo have the on peak / off peak split. There 1G plan is 350MB peak, 650MB off peak... if you exceed the peak part, you incur excess or shaping.

    In what way has Internode "serviced" you guys??? I have to say they were extremely helpful with all my questions, but no less or more than AAPT.

    AANET, TELSTRA, IINET and TPG were the next helpful in that order... I swear, with TPG it was like extracting teeth...

    Thx for your post JS. I did spend time on whirlpool and the broadband choice sites [see my laptop thread] which helped add AAPT and TPG to the list to consider, but it still took time to speak with someone and sussout directly what options best suited me. Unfortunately, I don't have an ADSL2 enabled exchange.

  10. Node RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been with them since moving in this place, nearly 3 years now.

    I entertained moving for a poofteenth of a second and then dismissed it.

    Their support crew, IMO, set the benchmark, they are fantastic.

    They are there till 12am Local time, so 12.30am for us on EST.

    I had an issue with speed when I first moved in, it was pitifully slow. They were at it for days trying to resolve my issues. They went as far as sending out a contractor to look at my lines. They found a badly repaired line break (during construction by the builder) and organized Downer to fix the problem.

    Their call center has an option of opting to hold on when busy (average hold time is 2 mins) or request a call back. This is done very quickly.

    In the almost 3 years here, we have had one outage that went for more than 1 hour, a telstra hardware failure that took 9 hours to fix.

    Other than that, downtime is minimal if not non existent.

    I went bananas late last year and downloaded a heap of F1 movies, I have an old plan, 10GB a month, I used more and I was shaped.
    Phoned them, told them, they charged me $10 for an additional 10GB for that month and reset my speed back to 1500.

    When Pacific Internet were pissing in our pockets, I considered swapping over to them but decided against it.

    If it ain't broke, leave the sucker be.

    11 points for Internode, Simon Hackett will one day rule the airwaves ;)
  11. I'm with internode, great service, no probs at all, australian and even my computer fixit man has swapped to them. I was with TPG when I was on dial up, but when I went broadband I swapped to Internode.
  12. What the hell is SOHO???
  13. Small Office/Home Office .... effectively a residential plan, with a better SLA and thus higher prices.
  14. Ummm .. $99 initial for wifi modem + $107.95 pm ($49pm internet + $29.95 line rental + $29 home phone plan) .. that expensive.

    Compared too .. $99 initial for wifi modem + $76.90 ($49.95 internet + $26.95 line rental) + phone calls ... much better if you a light home telephone user. :) Netspace. I've been with them for 4 years, and had the need for support about 3 times.
  15. Internode are the best ISP Ive ever been with, my buisness is highly reliant on the internet and I honestly cant fault Internode
  16. Have you looked at Optus ?? I had broadband was 49.95 p/m bundled with home phone. 14g download 7 peak and 7 o/peak. 1.5 speed no set up free modem. I now have upgraded to cable and same monthly fee no set up and free modem again.. Not bad if you ask me..
  17. Rob, just to confuse you more.

    Go the 'Node, take Telstra Homeline Budget plan @ $19.95, use a VOIP provider (of any type), and the (soon to be released) Node 1.5mb plan @ $49.95 or their 512k plan at much lower cost.

    Spend a little on the modem to get VOIP or use an ATA and you are set.

    VOIP call charges blow AAPT prices away, whoever you use.

    As regards service and support, you only need help when the poo is flicking off the twirling thing, so a provider that has a good reputation is worthwhile.

    I used to bundle with IINET (a reseller of AAPT telephone service) and they were good if expensive.
  18. when I was looking around and doing comparisons it was between Netspace and Internode. Yes, they may be slightly higher in price, but they provide a quality service and I liked the idea that you weren't locked in on a 2y contract. So, if you weren't happy, you could change. (liked the idea they were Australian too) Others may include modems and such, but beware of the quality of the hardware, watch out for long contracts and upload as well as download. Telstra counts upload as well (they used to anyway, dont know if they still do)
  19. can we start a 'Best Modem' thread too now? :p
  20. how have internode serviced me?

    1) - it took them 4 days to set up my broadband, quite a bit less than the 7 I was quoted.

    2) - One day (two years ago now), my broadband did not seem to be working. I rang them up, all lines were busy, got their "call back service". I was suspicious but left a message. I was rung back within 10 mins. They explained the problem was at their end, & that it would be up & running within a couple of hours. they OFFERED to call me when it was back on - i said nah that's ok I'll check later.

    3) apart from 1 other outage in the 3 years I've been with them, i've had no problems. I compare this to my friends on Adam who have WEEKLY outages.

    4) They e-mail your invoice, they direct debit your card, they were amazingly helpful on the phone when I set up the modem etc (they actually knew what they were talking about unlike some other companies), and I'm very patriotic, so i have to say they're an Adelaide company & their building is down the street from where i work, so I like em!

    5) they were also the first ISP to offer ADSL2 in my area