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Domain registering issue

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. A question for all the IT-savvy people.

    My computer-competence goes as far as googling and opening up word documents. The other night I stepped into the unknown and signed up with Godaddy.com to register a domain which I will use for business in a few years time. I can't believe that nobody's registered it, it has to be the most desirable name for people working in my profession in a certain location! And so I thought I'd park it for a few years till ready.

    Anyway, I used my partner's paypal account which has her maiden name, and now Godaddy security has cancelled the registration because it's not my account, and wants a scan of her license within 24hrs to verify things. Which won't work as her license has her married surname. Not that I'm happy forwarding such things. I've since googled Godaddy and read a lot of bad things.

    I figure there's no way to get past this with them, and now I'm concerned that if I let the account lapse in hope of waiting to register the domain elsewhere, the name will be taken by Godaddy or another source in the hope of selling it to me at an inflated price. I don't understand these things very well but that's the sort of thing I'm reading on the net.

    Is that not likely to be a long-term problem (i.e. I can just wait and try again in six months, and such dodgy people will have dropped the name)? And will my searching the name through whois alert any dodgy players that the name might now be desirable?

    (Ps your replies will have to be in lay terms.)
  2. Have you tried to register the domain somewhere else?

    I'd suggest Smartyhost.com.au
  3. If the domain is desirable and you believe that others in your industry could gazump you, then register it as soon as you can; don't wait. Use another registrar even if you have to pay a little more as Luke suggests.
  4. Thanks. I would just jump in an register it elsewhere, however it's now unavailable - basically Godaddy are holding it and waiting for this issue to be resovled re verifying the paypal, which as I say probably won't happen.
  5. Hi Matt,

    As Luke and Chris have said, use somebody else. You can use any ISP to register it and renew it. They will send you an email when it is about to expire.

    I use WebCity - they are Aussie based & owned......

    I certainly wouldn't be sending through a copy of license etc to something called "Godaddy".

  6. Just to get this right (as I say, I know very little) - I can sign up with one of these other companies, register my desire for the name, and they will alert me when the domain is about to expire and I can grab it? And they're unlikely to grab it and try to sell it to me for more?
  7. Matt, communicate with GoDaddy and explain things - set up your own paypal account if possible (it doesn't cost anything and only takes about 2 mins) and ask GoDaddy whether paying with a paypal account in the same name as the registered domain owner would fix things.

    I understand why GoDaddy have this policy in place - i.e. to prevent fraud. I am also sure you are not the first person to experience this problem so surely GoDaddy can provide an easy and quick resolution.

    If it all gets too hard, register your domain via another registrar. GoDaddy should have no right to prevent you from registering your domain through someone else if you choose not to go through them.

    I have also heard good reports about WebCity.

    Good luck :)

  8. Hi Matt,

    No....not quite - you will have to register the domain name, and that is valid for a year. This will cost you about $12. (Cost varies dependent on whether it is .com.au, .com etc etc.)

    Each time the domain name registration is about to expire, the ISP will email you and let you know. Then you just go to their website and renew it - you can do this for either 1 or 2 years.

    This process keeps repeating for as long as you want to keep it registered. If you don't renew it, then somebody else can grab it.

    Send me a PM if you want and I can help you through the process.

  9. ... and in response to your last post Matt, assuming no-one has registered the domain yet, you should be able to approach any suitable registrar to get it registered.

    e.g, if it's a .com domain, use a registrar who is authorised to register .com domains (i.e. almost any registrar). Some domains, e.g. .com.au can only be registered via specific registrars.

    Domain registrars will not register desired domains for themselves and then try to profiteer from them. In fact, strictly speaking I believe domain squatting is illegal.

    If your desired domain is already taken, the registered owner is unlikely to give it up unless they accidentally forget to renew it.

  10. +1

    I've used GoDaddy for years perfectly good hosting company...
  11. I've used 'cheap domain registrations' (google it) in the past, but am now using Siteground.com for both hosting and domain registration. They're excellent. It would make sense to register with them and then host with them when you're ready to build a site.
  12. Siteground currently have a special on for a year of *hosting* for US$9.95. Unlimited drive space and bandwidth. On-going I'm paying about a hundred a year.

    That's not quite what you're looking at yet - hosting and domain registration are different services. But if anyone *is* looking for hosting, this is worth checking out: https://www.siteground.com/ua_files/index.php?requri=order/order_existing_new.php
  13. You guys are all missing the part about godaddy having a lock on the name which prevents him from registering it. Only option is to deal with godaddy I'd personally be paying by CC. Pp sucks..

    I've got about 10 names hosted with godaddy and they've never let me down, I'd consider them to be credible.
  14. Matt - as someone suggested before, I think that the answer is to speak to a real person at godaddy and explain the situation. Even though your wife has changed her name, you should be able to get to the bottom of it....
  15. +1 Bravus for using "cheap bodgey domains incorporated"

    Its actually quire good if all you want is the name. Great for parks.

    Personally, I'd use netregistry.com.au