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Doing the spur-Monday-28th March

Discussion in 'VIC' started by R1_lover, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. I will be heading up the spur and stopping at Marysville for a coffee and a bite to eat on Monday if anyone wants to come along.

    I have a couple of OCAU guys coming along, so let me know if your coming.

    I will be meeting lids at 11.00 at the servo on the Cnr of Canterbury Rd & Dorset Rd for a 11.30 take off.

    This will be an ideal ride for learners, but for those who love to ride fast, please feel free to come....we will catch up eventually :LOL: :LOL: everyone is welcome.

    If the weather is crap of course no point going up the spur and l will post monday morning to say so.
    If thats the case we could always just do a small ride up the dandenong lookout for a coffee.

    Those attending




    I just lerve riding :twisted: :twisted:

  2. have fun cos thats under scrutiny.. If you read cbrdno's thread about the spur's this weekend :D
  3. Bugger!! I'm working tomorrow.......
  4. flipper, if we do the right such as speed etc...I don't think it matters...If ya plan to fly like an eagle it will pounce....

  5. At this stage Marysville isnt looking to good for 2moro as it was raining slightly here before, so lm guessing it would of been raining up the spur.

    I will see how it looks in the morning and if its not raining l will still be meeting at Bayswater and we can decide on what we want to do then, but Mt Dandy look out is looking good l think.

    We can make a decision at the servo :)

  6. Should be fine by 11am time, and even more so by the time we make the spur. See you there :)
  7. Does this mean your meeting us at the servo mouth??
  8. .. i.e. Yes :)
  9. I might tag along. Be good to meet some of you as well.

  10. Good ride today guys, so thanks for organising it Julz! And three cheers for our fearless leader Jason - good to see you back on the bike ;)

    Shame about the traffic, but otherwise good to get out. Melbourne weather held out on us, and it ended up being quite a nice day for a ride. Can't say I saw too many cops either, not that any of us were really pushing it, AFAIK.

    Hope you made it back OK Lids - or perhaps you're still caught in the traffic? :LOL:
  11. Yeah, it was an excellent turn out, considering netrider dot com dot au is playing up.......this is my first big group ride.

    Great to meet you all!! Tones, vtrsteve, koma (get off your L's), Tenoq, Lids, other's I've met.

    The excitement of the day was when coming back, lane splitting of metres and metres of traffic....lucky no cops then.

    Otherwise, cars = fun spoilt!! :evil:

    Yeah, Tenoq, I didn't see any cops until a cop pulled up where I practice in the carpark on the way home....but luckily he was showing me how to ride...I was a bit taken aback....on hindsight I should've try to get a "get out of jail free" card or somethin'. :shock: :shock:

    Lid, I reckon you are doing fine, practice makes perfect, and also, you are on a bike!! Most people can't, so there :wink:
  12. It would've been a great day for a ride too.

    I've been flat out getting my house ready for sale, so I've not been able to get on my bike all Easter. :cry:

    At least I'll be riding into work tomorrow. Not at all the same as a blat over the Spur though.
  13. Thanks Julz for organising the ride.

    It was a good turn out and nice to meet a few new faces. :D

    I can't say that I loved the Black Spur, agree that the surface was nice but me and corners still do not get on. lol!! :roll:

    Julz and I lost the group on the way home, we ended up in woop woop. The second time this has happened to me - bugger!! :cry: Thank god Julz knew had to get home. We ended up on Melba Highway and yes, in the traffic - oh well. Thanks Julz for escorting me half way home.

    Nevertheless, a good day with heaps more km's under the belt and invaluable experience on the bike.

    :D :D
  14. Thank you all for a great day, waited 20 min at the turn before Yarra Glen for Julz and the crew, but they must have been a long, long, long way back. Caught up with the others at the FREE coffee stop (thanks to the SES).

    It's good to put some faces to everyone.

    Julz, well done on organising this ride, was the best weather for riding, but the traffic in to Yarra Glen was a $itch, who would drive a car in that traffic...

    Great turnout of bikes, I think there was about 8-10, I want a red VFR...

    Lids, the zipper was tought. lol
  15. I forgot to thank you Steve for fixing the zip on my jacket. What a sight that was, it didn't look good. lol!! :roll:

    :D :D
  16. I was kicking myself that I didn't have the camera with me!!!! It's not that it didn't look good, it just looked suss........

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  17. Omg!!! that would have to be the ride of all rides for me

    There must be a lot of silent members here, because when l arrived at the servo this morning, l was shocked at the amount of riders that turned up, but glad l must say. I counted 13 heads which wasnt to bad.

    Good to meet you big trev and Kell..not that we got to speak much,but good to put faces to names.

    Well the weather turned out quite nice, so l panicked for nothing . We headed on our way with a mixture of OCAU & Netriders...

    l decided from the start that l would take it easy today as l knew there would be learners wanting the same, but must admit l had to get into it early for the first 5 mins at least.

    Poor lids was not taking it to well going up the spur. She said she didnt like bends and l didnt realize how serious she was....there was a fair bit of traffic today which was expected, and lm sure that didnt help lids at all.

    We pulled over for a quick ciggy so lids could have a breather and away went again until we reached everyone at Marysville.

    I had a well deserved coffee as l didnt have one before l left home and a bite to eat and a chat to the others about the usual thing..riding .. ...now as lids was a little worried about going back down the spur, one of the guys thought it would be a great idea to go further on and around so it would be easier for the ride home. We all agreed, but before we took off l did ask that there be corner markers as we had no idea of where we were going.

    The ride was going fine until we hit Yea...we stopped for a stretch and regrouped as you do then away they went....yes they!!!.

    Lids and myself had to go up the road a bit and turn around, which we did, but by the time we turned back they were all gone

    We had no idea where they went or which direction so of course we kept riding until we hit Strath Creek pub and stopped for another stretch and discuss the best way to get home.

    After getting some directions this guy decided to lead towards the Melba. We headed for Glenburn and back onto the Melba...this is where the fun started...not!!!we had bumber to bumber traffic for miles and miles doing 20klms hr...my arse was screaming at this point, and by the time we hit Yarra Glenn, l wanted to check that lids would get home ok as l didnt want to leave her. She was fine and l waived her goodbye and made my turn off for Christmas Hills. God dam lve never been so sore in all my life....my wrists were just killing me, my knees were almost locked from not moving and l was absolutely fanging it from there home. I reckon l broke all records getting home for sure...but so glad to see my driveway. If anyone was watching me getting off my bike they will be laughing for a week...without a doubt .

    Steve maybe l should of grabbed that little melways gadgit thingy you had and then we would not of got lost

    All l can say is as much as l will do anything to get out there for a ride, the next one will be a small one...but was great meeting all the new faces and thanks for the ride guys.

  18. Hey Julz, my backside pulled up good. Not sore considering the time we spent on our bikes today, gotta love leather padded pants. Yay!! lol!!

    But everything else is killing me, my arms are so sore. I had some trouble ironing stuff for work tomorrow.

    :D :D
  19. Thanx for organising this one Julz. Had a great day and the weather was good albeit a bit cold in the shadows. It was great to see an improvemant in Lids riding...YES Lids!!! You HAVE improved!!! Sorry I couldn't tail you the rest of the way home but as it was, my daughter had been waiting out the front for 25 mins when we finally got home.
    We also got all the traffic on the Melba but were able to pass at a gradual pace. To the corner markers credit, there was a corner marker on every turn. At the last corner, the marker waited over 20 minutes and decided that Lids and Julz must have taken another turn because at that stage you guys weren't that far behind us.
    Just a suggestion for future rides, when people start gearing up after a break, it's usually an indication that we are ready to get going again ;) :D
    Thanx again Julz for a great day and also thanx to Mouth for leading the ride. :D
  20. Yes thankyou so much for leading Mouth....your a star!! :D

    If l was leading we would still becoming down the Melba :roll: :p