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Doing the putty for the first time tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Somatic, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Any advice?

  2. just go do it :p
  3. Watch out for the green moss at the top end....
  4. Slow in fast out,thats the corners
  5. I road the putty on my very first day riding and it was great. just try not to get in anyone way and keep an eye on your mirrors ( i find the inside mirror is easiest) when your cornering so that if someone more experienced comes through faster you can shift to the left of the lane and let them pass with out cleaning you up.

    *i assume by thread title that you are a new rider*
  6. It's been a long time since I did it. My memory was that it had some fast corners but it had a couple of real slow ones as well, and they kind of sneak up on you because parts of it are very quick.

    Like any road you don't know, take it a bit easy and leave some margin for error. Expect the unexpected. F'rinstance, there's a left - right hairpin series about 3 ~ 4 km north of putty that looks like you could be in 1st gear at 40km/h. There's also a really slow hairpin just before the Colo River bridge.

    Check out the google map.

    Edit - Ok, the ones north of Putty actually look quite good in google view. They're posted at 45k but look like 2nd gear 60+ km/h corners and quite good fun. The one near the Colo river looks nasty - slow, blind, downhill, tightening radius and ... the one before it is a 45k posted, and that looks a bit conservative. (I'd do it quicker.) But the nasty one is posted 35 and it's much much tighter than the one before it.
  7. Take it easy and be careful. Enjoy!
  8. It's gonna be hairy methinks
  9. I wouldn't say that it's hairy - just that there are a couple of much sharper corners than the rest, and in at least one case, the posted advisory speed signs may be quite misleading. Overall, it's an open fast enjoyable sweeping ride.

    It's a bit like Bells Line of Road. Mostly fast and open and great fun, but there are a couple of traps for new players where the odd corner is a lot tighter and slower than the ones around it.
  10. Like someone said, I assume you are a fairy recent rider.

    Yeh, it's pretty gnarly. The run down (northwards) to colo valley can be a bit dicey. Not the best sight through the corners and can be fairly steep. Watch out for the hairpin at the bottom.

    On the run back south through the ten mile, there is quite a deceiving one. It is near the end (it's the first posted 35 to the right going north) and has a veerrrry open entry - initially looks good for at least 150 but then gets tighter and tighter and tighter and can catch people quite off guard. So when going back south again, it's the one that is posted 35 but initially looks like it could be posted 55 or 65. Slow down for it and make sure you just keep to the outside until you can see the exit. Here's the pic.
  11. It's just a road, ride it, then get over it....
  12. enjoy it
  13. No roads are hard or dangerous or scary, IF!!!, you ride within your limits. Get cocky because you are doing good ( to you ), will bite you on the arsk! Be cautious observant and in control.

    You may have done it by now, as i'm a late poster, but the same thing stands for any road.
  14. Keep a lot in reserve, remember your SR's and most of all: avoid doing them, lots of people panic and come off on corners that are well within their capabilities
  15. Just a road...

    It is a temple. And like all sacred sites you need to show respect. You do not want to **** up on the Putty.
  16. @Somatic: so, did you crash or what?
  17. I didn't end up going. I broke my finger earlier on in the week, thought I'd be ok to ride, got on the bike, made it to the end of the street and realized I wasn't going to be able go brake properly, especially on this type of ride. And it looked like rain, so I wussed out hard
  18. Wise decision.

    Making the call not to go or not to keep going is the hardest decision to make.

    Think of it this way, the putty rd isn't going to run away. It'll still be there next weekend.

    Whereas, had you gone out and crashed, well, you wouldn't be riding it any time soon.
  19. Advice: adhere to rule #1

    Dont Crash.

    better you didnt go mate, best be on your game to ride those roads........
  20. Wise move, and very important thing to remember for novice and non novice riders.