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Doing L's tomorrow and packing it.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chickibabe, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Well the day has come again. :grin: I do my 2 days L's course tomorrow and Wednesday. And I'm packing it again. The nerves are starting to set in. God know's why been through it before. I will not be riding out as my bike still is not completed, so caging it. Everyone tells me you'll be right it is more expreience for you. As I said before hopefully I will not drop there bike this time. :oops: I think Im felling more nerves as they might think I'm stupid for doing L's again after 6 months of having them. But in 6 months I've only done about 2000kms Any pointers to calm the nerves PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSE.

  2. Get really drunk tonight... Kidding.

    Just try to remember how good it's going to feel when you're sitting around the table with your fellow riders up at Wollombi Tavern, laughing about your yellow speed-restrictor and that last set of corners....

    Remember, riding is FUN. Enjoy yourself tomorrow and you'll be fine...
  3. Dont worry about the L's. You'll be fine, even if you do drop it! A girl I was with flew off legs a kimbo for several hundred meters before dropping the bike, and she repeated the exercise until she got it right and passed. Its a progressive thing. You wont go onto the next exercise until you have nailed the previous one. It will be no bother to you, seriously!
  4. Imagine the testing officer naked??? :LOL:
  5. I like that Horett600, but if I have the same guy's as before I'll be rolling on the ground
  6. Don't give her hints like that, she'll fall off it laughing! :p :LOL: :LOL:
  7. but maybe falling off laughing will relax you??? he he he... like everyone else already said... just realx and emjpy the days :) is lots of fun... i really enjoyed mine... did a 1 day qride to get mine... an that was my first time in control of a bike... you've done it before so know whats coming :D have a ball!!!!
  8. I never relaxed, the whole time. That's how I failed the Ps test twice, too.
  9. Theres what,30 thousand plus riders in Vic alone?that means that 30 thousand plus riders have sat that same test and passed.
    That means as of Thrusday,there will be 30 thousand and one riders on the road. :WStupid:
    If they can do it,you can do this! its not a problem,what 1 man or woman can do,another man or woman can do,with the right teacher,training,and frame of mind.Then you will get youre licence,do this :dance: and think to yourself,what was all that fuss about. :-k
  10. you have all got me laughing. Pete the freak thought about that, but yer can not wait till I can ride up to wollimbi went past there in the cage on friday through wisemans ferry but I think I like the putty better, just wanted to see what road was like before I tried it on bike.
  11. Have a good dinner and sleep. When you awake have a good breaky and you'll fall in the zone when you get there. Don't worry about it till it is actually happening i.e. dropping the bike. :grin:
  12. The P's test is completely different, thats like going from primary school to secondary school. The L's is a very good basic introduction to motorcycling and the principles of bike riding, at least I thought soo anyway. I did Ok with it considering I had never ridden a bike until I got on one to do my L's.
  13. use the jbot mantra for all situations 'what could possibly go wrong' best picture a small monkey delivering this line, works every time.

    i knew a girl who did her test and fluffed it cos she was nervous, the tester said ok lets just do one more practise and try again, ran her through her 'practise' which she did just fine and then said well done, you've passed.

    Don't focus on the testing aspect, just enjoy learning the exercises and your final 'practise (or is it practice? fark) and you'll do just fine :)

    Good luck!
  14. You sound like me a fortnight ago!!!!!!... I wouldn't worry about their thoughts on you re-doing the course. If it makes you feel any better, when i re-did the L's course out of the 8 (I think it was 8) people there on the day about 6 of us had already done the L's before AND one of the girls dropped the bike and the instructors just laughed it off. No biggie at all!!!

    But from one nervous rider to the other i DO understand how your feeling...so if you ever want to go for a ride with a fellow nervous rider then that would be cool...the others on this site were talking about a ride for Learners one weekend so you should join in on that too... thats about all the details i have on the ride so far though im afraid. :?
  15. When you get nervous the body releases some adrenalin, this is usually what gives people butterflies in their stomach, as adrenalin can be a little harsh on the tummy, so hungry or not make sure you get some breakfast into you prior to your getting out there for your test.
    Good Luck.
  16. I think I'm more nerves too because I've held my L's for 6 months already,I'm worried that they will think I should already know things, if I stuff them up
  17. I know people who have let their L's slide and took them again. You are treated the same as everyone else there. In fact, as far as I know, they wont know that you have taken your L's before unless you tell them.
  18. I had to do the exact same thing chickbabe. Although I doubt you had a boil on you butt which stopped you from doing your P's test... But thats another (quite disgusting) tale.

    DOn't tell 'em, if the instructor mentions it just laugh it off, it's not a deal at all.
  19. I'll take up on this once I get my bike back which will hopefully be soon
  20. Its a 2 day course, right? Well, just get through the first day - focus on learning the skills the right way (easy if you've never done it before, like me!). End of the first day I got home and thought to myself "I'm stuffed, I'll never pass this test". Turned up day 2 and within 10min was MUCH more relaxed.

    Turn the pressure tap off yourself by remembering this: "Why am I doing this? Because I WANT TO RIDE." and everything will be fine.