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Doing Driving Test on a Scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by colin_hanley, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hi, I just received my NSW Learner Licence after doing rider training on a motor bike. I was planning to buy a 125cc scooter. However if I do my test on my 125cc scooter will I only get a licence for scooters or will my licence also allow me to ride motorcycles ?

  2. mate you will be restricted to a 125cc scooter because you done your rider training on a 125cc scooter and if you test for your p's on a scoot thats all you will be restricted to. I know this because i was in the same situation.
  3. I think (though I'm not 100% sure) doing your test on 125cc scooter will result in your obtaining a restricted licence that will limit both the type of vehicles you can ride (scooter only, or to be more precise, auto transmission only) and the capacity - no more than 125cc.

    In other words, a bad deal all around. Don't limit yourself - get on a path to a proper, unrestricted licence! Even if you think a small scooter is all you'll ever want to use, there's no harm in going unrestricted. You might suprise yourself by changing your mind further down the track... by which time you'll find yourself annoyed by more tests, restrictions and crap. Get it all out of the way - getting the licence is not getting any easier, you know.
  4. Note, once you get your full license (3 months Ls, 12 months Ps) your license becomes derestricted and you can ride bikes as well. Can someone confirm that?
  5. you sure about this?
    here in vic you can do your test on a scooter of any size (260cc and under) and you dont get a restricted license.
    you get the same license as everyone else
  6. Not in nsw.

    edit: restricted to auto, ie scooter.
  7. Yes in Vic we have some crazy law that you can get your licence on a scooter, and ride what you feel like. In 2 months my wife comes of her restrictions, she has only ever ridden a scooter, now there is no way she will do it, but she will legally be allowed to ride the 14 .. :shock: I see some sort of a problem there.. :?
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. Looks like I'll do the test on a manual bike. Will be less hassle long term.
  9. Colin,

    It varies state to state, but in NSW -

    It doesn't matter what cc machine you did your L's on, but if it was on a scoot then you're limited to an Automatic (non geared) vehice inder 650cc's. The piece of paper you took to the motor registry would have had automatic written on it.
    There is a 125cc-&-under licence. To get that one you don't do the 2 day MOST course, just the test.

    I got my L's nearly 2 years ago, & I did my L's on the little 50cc thing at HART, then went & bought a 200cc scooter. I did the MOST course & test on my scooter, & now, as a mature age rider I have a full unrestricted riders license. :grin:
  10. Colin,

    I was in your exact situation in July, and I can tell you I was issued with an unrestricted licence. Your profile shows your over 30, so you can take advantage of the mature riders rule.

    Heres how to do it, and save $$.

    Book your RTA test in the under 125cc category. Check your rego papers, your 125cc scoot is technically under 125cc (mines about 124.9cc, but they dont check anyway)
    This means you can skip the pre provisional part of the test, so its just an afternoon gone and not a whole day wasted.
    And the test only costs you $43 versus the $108 for the pre-prov course.


    What about scooter and automatic only licences?
    Riders of automatic motorcycles under 125ml are exempt from the pre-provisional course. However, they are required to attend and pass the pre-learner course and the MOST. Riders of automatic motorcycles larger than 125ml will have their licence endorsed with a condition: “May only ride automatic motorcyclesâ€. This condition will be valid until an unrestricted licence is issued.

    Pass the test.

    Because your 30 and over, you get issued with an unrestricted licence.


    You will then be issued with an unrestricted rider licence. Please note that you are prohibited from carrying a passenger until you have held this licence for 12 months.

    My Certificate of Competence had 'Auto Only' written across it, I questioned it when I was at the RTA office, 'No problems' I was told.. straight to unrestricted as Im over 30.

    Even if your scoot is over 125cc you'll do the whole day test, but still go straight to unrestricted.
  11. you must also have a gold license
  12. no this is not the case
  13. You sure? So what do you do if you have a full scooter rider license and want to get a manual license?
  14. I am going to have to side with phizog, unless the RTA has changed the rules since the last time I looked (<7 months ago)
  15. In VIc, you can get your Learner's & P's on a Scooter and then get on a manual bike. I know because I just got my L's on a scooter, no restrictions on my learner's permit. In fact all the school I went to before I booked in for my lesson said the same thing.....just get your learner's on a Scooter....worry about a bike later.

    I reckon its crazy and if I switch to a manual bike, I'll be going back for a few private lesson.

    With a Car totally different story, test on an auto, restricted to an Automatic license...lol I wonder how that affects your learners on a bike :?
  16. Just for the sake of completeness, this is the deal for WA;

    • up to 50cc auto, you can ride on a car license. Beyond that you need a bike license.

      The first step in the bike license process is getting your L's - this allows you to ride with an instructor escorting you, or someone who has held their bike license for 4yrs or more.

      You then book a test at the licensing centre and if you pass you get your RE license which restricts you to 250cc.

      But, you can do your test on a scooter, however your license will be endorsed with "automatic only" restriction. To remove this you would have to do the test again on a bike.

      After 12 months on the RE license, you go through the whole process again to get your unrestricted R license.

    *note - process will differ if the bike/scooter will be your first license, in that case you will have to go through a log book process and have your P's for however many years it is now.
  17. I was surprised when I heard about automatic restrictions on car licences in some states.
    It's not the case in South Australia, you can do all your learning and test on, for example, an automatic Barina and drive a manual Ford XR8 utility home from the test.
  18. Yes that is correct (NSW). Im concentrating on riding on a rode for now-gears can come later. Not everyone has to go full hog.
  19. I think you'd best ring the RTA :LOL:
    That is, if after all this time you haven't already got it sorted!