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doing bikes up

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Ananda22, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. how much can u do to a bike in terms of "doing up"?

    and what are the costs like? i love the lights on the R1 and the Honda 600Cc, would it be possible to put those lights on the HYOSUNG GT250r?
  2. Pretty much everything can be done, but the more extravagant changes come at a pretty high premium.

    To fit a radically different light assembly, you'd probably have to get a custom front fairing made (fibreglass), which isn't exactly cheap.

    If appearance is that important to you, skip the GT250R and get the bike that looks best to you the way it comes. Otherwise you'll be walking around with empty pockets for the next few years ;)

  3. yeah thats true man lol just curious..
  4. As sir_b said, pretty much anything could be done provided you had and wanted to spend the cash..

    For some reason i dont feel the need to really do much to the bike like i previously have with cars. Ive done a few little minor exterior mods to clean it up u abit but thats it.

    Also keep in mind because of the small number of bikes compared to cars aftermarket mods are even more outragously expensive...
  5. You're confusing "doing up" with "ricing up"...
  6. yeah you can put a sticky rear tyre on and carve some corners. now that's a good mod.
  7. Focus on improving your skills before you worry about adding sparkle to your bike.

    Also remember you are only going to have your first 250 for a short period of time so better to invest in the things you are going to have for the duration of your riding career, i.e. gear.
  8. And I thought this was going to be an interesting thread about bike restoration.... :?

    Bike designers have some degree of talent. You may too but, more than likely, you'll just end up with something that looks like it's been patched up after a crash with the cheapest parts from the local wrecker...that you can't easily sell when you want to buy the real thing.

    That said, you don't like the looks of the GT-R? I think it's quite pretty...
  9. Yep you can do anything you want to it.

    Race glass fibreglass would have the upper and lower sections for the 600 Honda, Use the race thickness light weight glass option and remove all your existing front and side mounts make up custom mounts and get a set of lights from the wreckers to suit your new fairing.

    As you have put all the original stock items away if you toss it you can put it back to stock no problems :cool:

    Remember if fitting fairings to a 250 do not go bigger than about 600 cc size other wise they look stupid BIG FAIRING little bike Syndrome. It has other connotations but I wont go there. :shock:

    Pricing is pretty much up to you how much can you fabricate / drill tap / spray paint etc say $600 / $ 800 fairings $200 / $400 lights Fairing Brackets $100 / $ 400
    And Spray painting $ 600 / $1000.

    Its up to you thats my 2 cents worth
  10. you can do anything up as long as oyu have plenty of $$$$$$$$$$
  11. Check out eBay, the US site. Just type in your bike model and there should be plenty of accessories to choose from. Prices are very reasonable and there is no GST up to $1,000 when importing here. You will save close to 50% on some items - that is if you can even get them here and you get a personalised bike. Keep the original parts for when you go to sell.