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Doing a Track Day at the Shanghai F1 Track

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by c0rrupt, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    As some of you know, I'm now living in Shanghai, and the ability to get on a bike is non-existent unless you fancy getting run over by the 1.2 million taxis who pay ZERO attention to the road, and even at that it will be max capacity of 125cc.... Silly I know.

    Anyyywayyy - been looking into how I get get back on two wheels and will be taking part in a track day next weekend and thought I'd share the details:

    Seems a bit pricey, but going to do it anyway as a) its a F1 track and b) it's the only option.

    Will get some pics and write up a full report for you all to see once done.

    Would love to know if anyone has ridden here or has any bright suggestions about China and riding in general.


  2. So roughly AU$700 for 90 mins on track? If there is nowhere else to ride (and I wouldn't ride on Shanghai roads for all the tea in China, ha ha), then why not!

    Will you have troubles fitting into hire leathers?

    Please post up when you've done it.....and good luck!
  3. Yeah - could ride broadford a number of times for that price.

    You sound like you've seen the insanity of Shanghai driving then!?

    Its looking like it's going to be torrential rainfall during the weekend it's on coupled with 110pct humidity so might give this session a miss now and try the one at the end of the month.

  4. The two charges for helmet damage ("helmet badly scratched" is different to "helmet unusable") would make me very wary of using a loan helmet.
  5. Thankfully have all my gear here, so wont have to use a loaner :D
  6. Hope it's all going well for you up there c0rrupt. Going for a burn on Shanghai's F1 track sounds like lots of fun !
    Gotten sick of the pollution there yet ? ;)
    Have fun bud.
  7. Hey mate - you living back in Oz now? Sorry, I never made it down to honkers.

    Yeah, but as I said weather's looking iffy and to be honest stuck in leathers in the heat and humidity isn't floating my boat...

    Pollution is a night mare.... I get sick so much more often now, sometimes when it's really humid the pollution clings to the air and the viability gets really bad....

    But its a cool place to live and the expat scene is huge

    all the best
  8. All the best to you mate, and yes, I am now living in Oz (Melbourne) though I'm in Hongkers 3 times per month, between 1-3 days each visit (with work).
    If you're ever in HKG let me know and if I'm there, we'll try and grab those belated drinks sometime (y)
    Enjoy the awesome expat scene...the part I love getting amongst during my layovers :)
  9. I've been over to Shanghai a couple of times in the last year. I agree it would be suicide to ride a motorcycle on those roads! The sight of a copper sleeping on his motorbike at big intersections also cracked me up! Your life is in your own hands over there!! I'm planning another trip when the weather cools down in China, how long are you there for corrupt??

    Nickers330 if it aint a boeing, i aint going.
  10. i_cruise :
    I used to say that until recently when I converted (was a Boeing man for 8yrs)
    Nothing wrong with 'plastic fantastic' ... :)
  11. Yeah the 'renault of the sky' keeps the guys on the ground pretty busy. Viva le $$$ as we say.
    I dare say i'll bump into you some time, I'm an Engineer based in Melbourne domestic/international
  12. Nickers:- Funny, you return from China(HK) and going to Melbourne and I end up leaving Melbourne for China... interesting dynamic. Will be back in Melbs toward the end of the years where I fully intend to get my fair share of time on 2 wheels.... or one ;) Have you still the got the R1, howas that running, are you making it to any of the NR rides?

    I'll let you know when in honkers next - prob about 3-4 weeks from now

    Icruise: Will be here for a a few years I would imagine. So bike time needed!!