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Doin' it tough

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. So, I'm at a conference in Hawaii this week - and I just booked an R6 for 4 hours tomorrow afternoon to get out and about. Photos here tomorrow...

    The only thing I'm somewhat worried about is ending up on the wrong side of the road. I lived in Canada for 6 years so I'm used to driving on the right, but it could be easy on the bike, without the cue of which side the steering wheel is, to end up on the left coming out of a corner or whatever. At least, unlike basically everyone here, I'll be wearing a helmet.
  2. I am so jealous of you right now! Which part of Hawaii? If you are on the Big Island try and do the helicopter tour over the volcano, absolutely amazing.

    You wont end up on the wrong side of the road. Just keep your wits about you and enjoy it :)

    Have a great time you lucky bugger!
  3. Nah, the conference is Waikiki, which I guess puts me on Oahu. ;) So it's Diamond Head and the south end of this island - should be fun.
  4. I didnt get to spend time there last time but planning to do so very very soon lol

    We want pics too! Looking forward to seeing them Bravus.
  5. [quote="Bravus"...I'll be wearing a helmet.[/quote]

    anything else?

  6. From what I recall, shoes and long trousers appear to be an optional extra there for riders. :LOL:
  7. Since you "doing it tough" Imma go steal you bike :twisted:
  8. Poor bastard.
  9. handy tip, just stick a note on your steering: tight right, wide left! :p
  10. and here I was feeling chuffed about borrowing a honda spada in townsville for a few days next month :|
  11. been there, done that, still madly jealous :)

    4hours will get you a lap of the island, so the next day when you inevitably hire it again (and you will :)) head to the mountains on the west side of the island for some hillclimb action. hawaii has a thriving bike scene, perhaps a local could show you the best stretches. the bike brotherhood is alive and kicking but they don't have the Nod there, they use the hang-lose hand gesture when passing you on the road instead. you are on an island, so no matter how hard you try to get lost you will eventually get back to waikiki. american petrol stations require pre-payment. waikiki beach is pretty, but a foot under those waves it's all rocks, right out to the breakers. for shits and giggles, watch stupid tourists trip and fall over repeatedly while wading out. there are lots of marked cops around waikiki, out of the city i encountered plenty of unmarked vehicles, so don't get sloppy. and their highway network doesn't have smooth tar like ours, it has grooved bitumen. if you fall off, it won't be the subtle nail-file effect our roads have, it will be the full cheese-grater chunks-of-muscle bouncing down the street after you experience. so don't fall off :)
  12. Exactement - and I will have a lid but not gloves or jacket, so I'll be being extra-super-careful... Should still be fun, though... and I can always do a little main street cruising as well if I feel more mellow...
  13. The roads there are super silky smooth.
    What a pity you are not on the big Island or Maui, there is a road there that puts the GOR to shame.
  14. 35mph roads=silky smooth
    70mph highway=grooved surface
  15. Have a grouse time. What a great opportunity to enter some pics in the monthly photo contest.
  16. Oahu?

    Yeah, that's about the same noise I'd be making.
  17. On the Big Island the road going from Kona around to Hilo via Akaka Falls has some spectacular twistie bits ;)

    We wanted to do the drive from Kona to Hilo along the Saddle Road but the car hire insurance doesnt cover damages there. Apparently its got teeth lol
  18. Heh same for us
    The big island is super spectacular and apart from the volcanoes national park I would have loved to go to Hilo but we ran out of time.
    I have to find my lava photos and scan the negs.
  19. Did you do the night dive with manta rays Smee? They have it outside the Sheriton resort at Kona.

    I so want to go back there now :grin: