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D'oh! (Stuff happens)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. I have a 12 year old daughter who's about 5'8" and a 15 year old who is about 5'2" or less. The younger one was messing about on my bike in the garage, and I thought about warning her about dropping it, but kinda knew she was fine. Apparently though the older one got on it to 'show her sister that it was too tall for her'. Well, it was either too tall or too heavy or both, because she dropped it in the garage. One of those 'thank goodness I ride a naked' days for sure, so it just bent the living crap out of the brake lever. So I guess I'll have to go and get that straightened or replace it (hard to get a full hand on it although it's still rideable). Lesson learned, I hope.

  2. Damn, oh well, not much harm done :LOL:...
    A new lever won't cost much I don't think...
  3. Are the clutch and brake levers interchangeable? If you need to ride it to fetch parts it might be safer having full control of the front brake rather than the clutch.
  4. ah sorry to hear, i hope it didn't fighten them of bikes though ;)
  5. that bike would have been fine if it weren't for those damn meddling kids!!!

    (c'mon, someone had to say it!)
  6. Don't try to straighten it - you'll just snap it and consequently have no brake lever. You should be able to get an aftermarket lever for less than $30 - theyre exaclty the same, so no need to worry about tainting your bike!

  7. ..but brake and clutch levers are NOT interchangeable
  8. Well I know for a fact that my bike's clutch lever is actually a front brake lever - and off a Yamaha at that. Think it's also the same as my brake lever but never looked that closely to be honest.
  9. I actually meant that the brake and clutch lever are not interchangeable on the same bike....... (hydraulics vs cable, etc)
  10. Check genuine Honda price too... might be cheap enough [and the aftermarket lever expensive enough] to justify the genuine part.
  11. Get a new brake lever. It's not expensive.
  12. We got a clutch lever for a across ,after market ,new was $12.
  13. I picked up a shiny brand new chrome brake lever for $20, easy and cheap fix.
  14. Cool, will go looking Real Soon Now. Guess the best plan is just to rip the lever off and go for a drive in the cage to the nearest Honda dealership or whatever... Will let ya know how it turns out, but I agree with everyone who has said that optimal/maximal control of front braking is crucial.
  15. ... so... new brake lever. How many weeks worth of pocket money is that for a 15yo girl these days?