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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. BMW make their panniers idiot proof so you can't forget to lock them on the mountings right?.......well I apparently am a special brand of idiot.

    I have just been overtaken by my own R/H pannier while braking for a sweeping left hander and had to watch the pannier throw itself under an oncoming 3 tonne truck in its grief and shame. Bloody nearly a grand a pair.....DOH DOH DOH...BLOODY DOH

  2. .... words are not enough...... :cry:
  3. To all you young blokes out there......I am living proof that age and experience do not necessarily always override stupidity!
  4. Oh the pain......the humanity...THE MONEY!!!!
  5. Oh my GOD.....I have just realised that I am going to have to explain to SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed)...how I blew $500 bucks while riding to work....any CREATIVE ideas?
  6. Deepest sympathy.
    I've never had a pannier go walkabout, but I did have one fly open on the Freeway a few years back. 90 students' assignments were scattered down the road after some moron deliberately swerved to hit the bag that fell out. :(

    If you look really carefully at my avatar, you can *just* see the webbing straps I use these days to ensure it can't happen again.

    Keep an eye on ebay for a replacement.

    ... OK, you can't see them..... but they're there.

  7. There my dear lies a tempting bear-trap 'no win situation' for us mere men. She is just as likely to accept the flowers and then slip into me for blowing ANOTHER $70 when I had already blow $500
  8. I think your signature says it all!!
  9. You have my sympathy :)

    A similar thing happened to me. I lost a pannier off my Sprint ST a few years back. I live about 15 minutes outside a country town and I'd ridden into town for fuel, milk and ciggarettes.

    Of course the pannier that fell off (I didn't realise until I got home as it was pitch black) was the one with the milk and ciggies in it.

    I swore a bit, turned around and went looking for the pannier. Found it about 3 kms away but it had split open, the milk carton had burst and the milk had drenched the ciggarettes (and my wet weather gear and balaclava) *sigh*
  10. I suppose I should be grateful I could make this post at all. My notebook computer could have been in the RH pannier instead of the left........
  11. Get one of your colleagues to ring her up and say you've crashed the Cub.

    When you turn up on the door step tonight she'll be so relieved $500 won't matter.

    ...that or she'll kill you.
  12. Actually crashing the Cub feels like a reasonable option right now.
  13. I wanna die!! Things just keep getting worse. I just phoned the BMW dealer for a price and his first question was "DID YOU SAVE THE LOCK" well no I didn't, the pannier was FU@#%D!......the reason....in order to have the pannier key match the ignition key, the lock is a seperate (and expensive) part.....I just go from dumb to dumber today. Someone please shoot me.
  14. Look on the bright side... at least the truck driver isn't going you for the cost of the tyre destroyed as your lock went through it.............

    (is he?)
  15. Sitting in corner of office on floor breathing rapidly into brown paper bag......
  16. OK, these are the options you have with regards to lies.

    - Say it fell off and the insurance company will cover the cost and then hide it in the credit card

    - Say it was stolen and get home all angry and upset

    - You were sitting at the lights and a car smashed it off..... You were so terried at what happened that you did not get the license plate... This was she will be sympathetic to your situation

    - Tell her you screwed up... Naaaaaaaaah
  17. whatever you do, it's going to cost money; is there a chance there's another BM around with JUST the right pannier......? nah, you didn't hear me say that.....
    (at least you computer didn't get the dunlop disease)
  18. what's a pannier? :LOL:
  19. ... and the problem with that is...... ?