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doh! 1st ever speeding fine.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slowmark, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. after 3 years of perfect riding (re not getting caught) i finally got a speeding fine. 30km/h over in a 100 zone. :shock:
    $300 and 1 month off the bike. :(
    the policeman was really nice, he'd knocked the speed down a bit and neglected the fact i had 1 wheel on the ground so it coulda been 6 months off as well as a seizure under hoon laws.
    I feel guilty cause on reflection of the last 3 years of fun on the bike, every corner, every powerslide, every knee down, every wheelie, every burnout. i have to say it.
    I don't feel bad.
    It was worth it. :grin:
    o'k' I'm ready to get roasted now. be kind......

  2. You've already stated the obvious; it could have been worse :LOL:
  3. lucky

  4. Caught doing a wheelie at 130 isn't such a bad way to do it :LOL:
  5. Not so bad.
  6. You are banned from tuesday rides
  7. I was the same as you, perfect record for years but did crazy stuff all the time. I then got done 3 times in 2 months (one with a mandatory suspension) and now every cop that sees me pulls me over and gives me a hard time. It's amazing how from that first speeding fine how everything just spiraled downhill so quickly. My susp kicks in in a few weeks but im not game to ride until then because its double demerits and this local cop has it in for me bad.
  8. When you pay the fine you will be laughing. If anyone asks why you find it amusing you will tell them it is so because you were just recalling all the times the bastards didn't get you.
  9. Same with me. Perfect driving/riding record. Then got done speeding and suspended for 1 month. Then shortly after lost all but 1 point. Then had to live that way on the edge with one point for over 2 years.

    I'm much more mature and better for it now :wink:
  10. im in a similar boat mate. except i think i was done by a camera. not sure though. dam i hate waiting
  11. is there anyway to appeal a speeding fine? if it was a first offence? i just got myself a bloody speeding fine as well. bloody hell 30km over the limit, 300 bux, 4 demerit points, suspended for a month. plus he treated me as if i was a bad guy. which really got me pissed off. he was a total jerk about it. plus get this.. i was in my car and it was my birthday. on XMAS EVE!
    oh did i mention im also clean record for over two years. is this appealable?

    it feels so crap getting ur first offence doesn't it? haha
  12. Waymoz, get yourself a decent lawyer who specialises in traffic offences. Only they can really answer your question.

    There is almost always some sort of grounds for appeal, it's a question of whether or not the likelihood of success outweighs the cost of the appeal.
  13. Live fast, die young, have a good looking corpse.
  15. same in VIC 10 years clean.. but they dont promote it...
  16. me in the same possie as you


    had two years of nothing then BAM 9 points down in 3 days.
  17. Got a reply from my recent appeal, nicely worded "no" but it does stall proceedings and at least give you time to save up the cash :)

    (over top of a hill, accused of 150kph in 100 zone out in the stix, I argued it on the side of the road and it reduced to 138kph in a 100zone after a 3 second lock, but then dropped it further cause im such a nice guy to <25over when he handed over the ticket - was my lukky day)
  18. rofl... not so slow after all hey mark :cool:
  19. Yep they never promote it in NSW either, why would they ever let anyone know about something that is a reward for safe driving and reduces there revenue from fines
  20. Was there a point to your thread?