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Dogs at the Vet

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Megabite, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. There are 3 dogs laying around at the vet's office

    The first dog turns to one of the dogs and asks what are you here for?

    The dog replies...i am a pisser...i pee on the deck, i pee on the fence, but the other day i was in the house, and i peed on the couch, so my owner brought me here to get me neutered. what are you here for?

    The first dog replies..i am a digger. i dig holes in the yard, when we are out for walks, everywhere i go, i want to dig..the other day i was in the house laying on the couch and i started digging in the couch..i had stuffing flying everywhere and so my owner brought me here to get neutered too!

    They both turn to the third dog which just happened to be a great dane and ask him why he is here.. the great dane replies i am a humper..i hump everything i see. the other day my owner's wife came out of the shower, bent over to dry her legs off and i could not help myself, i started humping her!

    The other 2 dogs say..oh you are here to get neutered too?

    The Great Dane replies..no, i am here to get my nails clipped

  2. ..Hmmm!... the old doggie style eh??.....:bannanabutt: