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Dogs and Bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by xcamx, May 3, 2006.

  1. Just riding home from school tonight i nearly cleaned up a big bloody german shephard in the middle of the road just outa my light beam.

    It reminded me how many close calls i have had with dogs.

    I have also had a number of them launch at my legs while cruising along

    What's everyone elses experience? or do dogs just dislike suzuki's :LOL:
  2. No dogs don't mind - I have nearly run over one of those fluffy white dogs that raced out to have a go and also a kelpie decided it would be fun to upset me once too.
  3. My dad cleaned up a dog once, but in the process it cleaned him up also. He was riding along a road and a dog ran across the road in FRONT of a car. Dad caught sight of it and swerved only to hit a dog that suddenly appeared from out the back of the car straight into his swerving path :LOL:

    Next he knew, he was kissing the pavement!!
  4. im sure other people will have tails (hehe) of dogs biting them on the leg as they ride past, or dogs charging out of a driveway to bark at you while you screem down the home strait.

    on previous bike i went to the local store to pick up a newspaper, and on way back (ida st) just a very quite street, a dog came bolting out of a driveway and launched itself at my front wheel. btw it was on a property that has 1 of those beware of dog signs on their gate , (it was open).

    anyways another is i use to work on a hobbyfarm property at glenorie and the 2 owners dogs there would bark and chase car's coming into the property, it was a nightmare on the bike, specialy as it was gravel..

    maybe i should stop keeping scooby snacks in my pockets...
  5. Poor old posties must have to put up with some shit dogs. The chick who used to do it where my parents live carried a whip on the bars. It was great to see the mongrel dogs rush out then "Crack" then the dog screaming back into its yard tail between legs howling like a mad thing. I laugh so hard I nearly cry. I hate irresponsible dog owners they shit me.

    I had a boxer bite the back tyre of my old XT thumper. Teeth grabbed a knob and "bang!" it's head is jammed in under the guard and against the swing arm. Scared the shit out of me and I nearly binned it but managed to stayupright and then had the owner abuse me for the blood & stuff gushing out of his stupid dogs head!

    Dogs and Bikes do not mix, unless the dog is riding the bike!
  6. I am always wary in traffic, esp. if lane splitting of dogs in the back of utes...esp. 4WD / large utes, as this puts the dog's snapping, barking jaws at about head height for me!
    The dogs in these utes nearly always have a go at passing motocyclists..:(
    I love dogs..I just hate their stupid owners..:)
  7. There are some funny stories there :LOL:

    Our neighbours jack russel kept running out to have a go at me and I got sick of trying to dodge the stupid thing. I ended up pulling the bike up to a stop, growled at it in my most threatening voice ( :oops: ) then sat on the horn and scared the carp out of it. I don't have a problem with it any more :LOL:
  8. I did the stop and growl on my brothers dog once... infront of my sister in law.. The dog craped itself and now wont get caught up in my bike.. dog saved.. sister pissed :grin: life is good.
  9. I have 2 dogs, a rhodesian ridgeback & a german shepherd. The ridgeback couldn't care less about the bikes. the german shepherd hates them.

    Every day, when we start our bikes, he barks his brains out at it. He doesn't stop till we're out of earshot. If we have a bike in the shed, and are slowly riding it out the gate, he runs around it barking & barking. Even if it's not turned on!

    Not sure if he's trying to herd it or what.....
  10. My old border collie used to bite the wheels of my dads bike while it was moving :shock:
  11. Never had an incident on the motorbike but I remember as a kid riding my pushy to school. Every morning the same dog would come rushing out barking and would get within an inch of my pedals trying to chase me sideways. That was until one day it decided to bite my foot, pedal and all, as I was furiously pedalling. It managed to hang on for a couple of revolutions, trying to run sideways with it's head making a big circle until it tripped, let go and faceplanted. It was worth the punctured skin in my foot. It never came after me again.
  12. I was coming home from work at about 11:30pm this time last year. Got within 2 minutes of home then wham, a white, jack russel like dog runs out and plants itself under my front wheel.

    *Speed bump!*

    Dog spins away, I have the wobble of my life and manage to keep it up. I pull over and park and start looking for the dog. After no luck the neighbours around that area come out and one of them brings the stupid mutt out in his arms.

    End of story dog shat himself but seemed ok. The owners were very apologetic about having the dog out in the street at that time of night. "Oh he's usually such a good boy." I was paranoid on the last stint back about wether my forks were out of line. Thankfully all was fine, but if I see that dog again... :twisted:

    Nah, I love dogs really. Our German Shephard always runs to the front windows when she hears my 250 or my dad's Blackbird pull up.
  13. Our little dog used to bark at bikes, and chase them along teh fence (responsible dog owners here) as they went past. Terriers are the worst, I don't know why.
    Now she associates me with road bikes, and only barks at trailbikes!
    All it takes is reaching over and giving them a pat or two and they wil leave you alone if they are a neighbours dog. All thise teeth and barking are just show, the tail is usually wagging.
    You have to remember dogs chase things to eat, and noise winds them up.
    But yeah, morons (the owners)who let their dogs run wild should be run over.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. My Belgian Shepherd not only recognises which bike is mine coming down the street - she's happy to have it parked next to her bed to keep guard :grin: Must admit tho' - I role the Duke out from under the verandah before I start it up - little noisier than the VTR :)
  15. My uncle's riding 'time' ended when he cleaned up a group of dogs all on leads with a little old lady taking them for a walk. He was okay, bike baged up a bit, dunno about the dogs!