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Dog shot at Yallourn

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DenholmReynholm, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. #1 DenholmReynholm, Apr 29, 2013
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    I'm normally not one to post these, but this was shared on my facebook this morning, I'm pretty f*king angry about the whole thing considering I don't even know the person involved (though I do have a dog around that age myself)


    How the f*ck do you confuse a husky pup with a collar for a wild dog, and decide "I'ma shoot it"

    I have the link to the dog owners facebook, don't think it'd be right to share it here but will pass it on if anyone can offer advice (particularly of a legal nature) or if someone convinces me it's better to share.

    The police response is almost as disgusting as the event, somehow this became "you should have kept your dog on a lead"

    fcuk me. :banghead:

    Edit: There is a facebook page setup now at https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForPeppa
  2. This was the original facebook post

    And this is a more recent one reference the police findings

    Couple of her friends are advocating going to Today Tonight in the comments, not sure it'd get what they wanted, probably only worth doing if nothing can be done in the way of charges or civil suit.(?)
  3. Who knows why they shot the dog. It's possible they did it for fun and it's just as possible they did make a mistake. The police aren't interested in following it up.

    It's the owners mistake that ultimately led to the death of the dog, though. They let a member of their family run over the crest of a hill and out of sight.

    On another day, in another place, maybe nothing would have happened. Maybe she might have been hit by a car. In this case she was shot a killed. It's a sad situation, and a very harsh lesson.
  4. I would argue it was the bloke pulling the trigger on his rifle that led to the death of the dog, but there you are...
  5. Some things you can try and control. You have little control over what other people do.
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  6. I guess the police have no evidence the gun was out or that they didn't think it was a wild dog... but since when was shooting from or on the roadside legal?

    if they couldn't adequately identify what they were shooting at, and they were shooting in a public space.... surely the police could charge them with SOMETHING if they wanted to...

    then again it might be hypocritical considering how many times the police do similar shit.
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  7. Vic firearms laws

    I reckon they could make at least one or two of those stick if they could be arsed
  8. The ONLY charge worth pursuing is one of negligent driving. Zero evidence required by the powers that be for that to stick apparently.
  9. Welcome to Moe
  10. There are plenty of folk who will kill anything for fun and some of them live in country Australia. Wankers, but they exist.

    Likewise there are a significant number of firearms owners who do not obey the letter of the law. Plenty of roadside signs can attest to that.

    But what the hell was an 8 month old dog doing off the lead at the side of a road and out of sight of the owner?

    So the poor bloody dog paid the price for both having a stupid, naive owner and for encountering a wanker with a gun looking for something to shoot.

    Pisser of a situation but the only blameless participants are the dog and the kid.
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  11. That's sad :( and more than a tad scary ...

    why am I hearing banjos :unsure:
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  12. I'm a shooter and that story appalls me. With a bit of luck someone might mistake that feral for a yeti and gun him down one day.
  13. I was always under the belief that shooting from the road was a loss of licence?

    There's plenty of people that use the fire trails though pine plantations to walk their dogs off lead or ride their horses.

    Given the current large bounty on wild dogs, perhaps some of the shooters are becoming a bit trigger happy - shoot first, ask questions later. It's not helping the public perception about shooters in general.
  14. Was thinking the same thing myself!!!!!