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Dog owners

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deyago, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. Morning All,

    Just a couple of things, I'm curious where you take your dog in summer for a swim. I know of a dog beach south of St Kilda which gets a lot of use but there must be more than just one.

    I'm also curious as to what breed of dogs people here own. My little pup is an 11 month old sable German Shepard named Mako. He's still a doofus but he's catching on.

    Lastly, can anyone recommend a good dog trainer in the general area of Footscray?
  2. head down to altona - there is a HUGE off leash park there on the western end of the beach - skeleton creek area. There's bush, scrub, rabits and all sorts of things to play with. Also a semi fresh water creek flowing into the ocean there so a bit nicer to swim in for the dog.
  3. Don't know about swimming, but as far as training goes... Australian Dog Training - Ascot Vale - Showgrounds. 9761 2772.

    Best thing about them is they train on Tuesday nights, so your weekends are free. They're expensive, but they're worth it.

    This is my girl Keesha http://tinypic.com/m4qbp She's a Keeshond x Collie, and is the sweetest gentlest cuddliest lil puppy you've ever seen. She'll be 4 years old this Valentines Day... Awwww
  4. i got 2 very well trained and behaved (bwahahahahahahahahahha) pooches. both from the lost dogs home.

    Stryder is a Rotty x Ridgeback, big black scary looking thing with a big studded collar. awesome temperment tho, plays fine with little dogs and even toddlers. scared of bubbles, but has no problem facing a thunderstorm head on :LOL: he also answers to stoopid :)

    Roxy is a Mastiff x somethingorother, almost half the size of strider, but still not a tiny dog. she had the crap beaten out of her by her past owners and is scared of just about anything. sudden movements, noises, my excersise ball.... great little dog, but even after a year with us she's still a nervous wreck :?

    as much as i'd love to have had them both as puppies, i reckon i'd prefer to grab a dog from the home. both of these pooches were skin and bones and scared shitless, feels awesome to save them :D
  5. Canadian Bay at Mt Eliza allows dogs after I think 7pm nice friendly clean sheltered family beach!
  6. Try contacting your local Blue Cross.
    They have training sessions once a week, on a week night, and are very cheap, like $3 a lesson, and all procceds go back to the Blue Cross animal shelters.
    Great instructors, from, basics to competition.

    2X dogs. Bandit....... Hmmmm Heinz variety.
    Zoe........... Staffordshire x Ridgeback.

    Betta double check on that I think you will find thats only for the winter months of the year, like most bayside beachs.
  7. I am in the same situation. We got Tiger, who was 9 months old at the time (pomeranium X Aussie terrier) from the RSPCA just over 4 years ago for my daughters 5th Birthday. He started out being scared of anything that moved and also loud noises and they had told us that he had been abused and to take it easy with him initially. Since then, he has learnt the basics but, as some found out at the HQ clean up, will still run as fast as his little legs will carry him when someone opens the gate :LOL:
  8. Will do Mick, thanks!
  9. No, that sounds correct. Kingston Council (approx. Chelesea to Brighton I think) allows dogs on most beaches between 7:30pm and 10:00am. Refer http://www.kingston.vic.gov.au/Page/page.asp?Page_Id=492&h=1 for full details and their beach map.

    This is the same for Frankston council, who allow them between 7:30pm and 9:30am. http://www.kingston.vic.gov.au/Page/page.asp?Page_Id=492&h=1
  10. Best REAL beach i've ever taken my dogs to, Whites Beach in Torquay. The beach is over a km long, sand is clean and generally wide, and there is plenty of sand dunes for them to roam in (just remember that if they like catching rabbits, be prepared to wait for their return)
    Second best, Pt Addis (used to be the local nudist beach). Again clean sand, but with a nice walk through the bush to get down there, also fairly easy to walk around the points to visit more beaches.

    Both of these allow you to walk for ages, are have some very quiet times. Parking is good at both.

    Good idea is to check out shire councils websites. Surf Coast Shire lists which beaches have bans on dogs, including where from and to, as well as dates and times.

    '91 Across
  11. i cant help much with the dog beach from way over here but i have a 1yr old kelpieXstaffy - not a good mix coz she's soooo hyper, her name is JET (not my choice an she is black mmmm how'd they think of that name)
    i saved her from goin to the pound(an no doubt the green needle as usual) was supposed to be a labradorX but its obvious to most just from her markings, she LOVES her ball an will chace it for hours and like most she is very skittish but they usually adjust and grow out of it, you find these kind of dogs just love you more because you treat them well and they think theyre in heaven
  12. I have a beautiful Boxer named Babe, who sadly doesn't live with me due to her fighting with my parents Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Babe lives with a friend of mine while we have Yoda, the 2 1/2 yo Staffie. His older brother, Doufas, was killed last year :cry:

    Why not train Mako yourself? I used to train both my Boxers from the time I was 12 and even trialled in obedience competitions (with limited success!).

    :D :D :D
  13. The yarra is always a good option to cool the dogs off in summer, nice grassy banks and plenty of shade to hide in while the mutts go feral.

    I've got a Border collie and a Bearded collie cross everything else at home and at work I have a Staffy and a Labrador.

    For accredited trainers, try Australian Dog Training

    If you decide to check them out, PM me before hand and I can probably organise a discount for you.
  14. 6 year old Rotty named Grizzly, fantastic temperment (doesnt bite his own fleas) and normally swims in the dam at home
  15. Great idea but be warned...
    A friend of mine use to take his dog for a swim in the Yarra everyday until one day when he had to carry his dying best friend home due to a snake bite. His dog didn't make it :(
  16. I have a 4yr old female golden retriever. She is a big great woose but absolutley gorgeous. Trust me guys, buy one, the girls lurve them! :wink: I take her to the beach in Aspendale/Mordialloc. Hey Jake, by all means bring Mako down and we can let the two of them go nuts! We could also maybe even have a beer or three 8)

  17. Once I've got the four wheeled transport sorted I'll be there with bells on.....and pants, must remember to wear pants.... :LOL: .

    Mako would love the company and beer is a close friend :wink: .
  18. Cool, it's a date, I mean a deal, an outting.... :oops:

  19. I have a 4yo American staffy. I wouldnt no where to take her for a swim, cause my little girl cant swim.... Took her down the beach once she nearly drowned I had to jump in and pull her out... She wont go near water now, makes it very hard to bath her...