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Dog names?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Greggo14, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Sarina here. We are picking up two new puppies next month - just chose them from the litter today. a bitzer - bull arab mastiff cross and a Border Collie (my dog).

    I always think back to my childhood and names of dogs we had when we were growing up, they seem to have more meaning.

    Any suggestions - do you remember dogs names you had as a kid growing up and what made them special to you?
  2. 2 dogs ?
  3. Well 2 puppies, not from the same litter obviously as one is a mixed breed and the other is the border collie (from totally different people)
  4. you mean parents not people don't you?
  5. Defa.

    Our elderly Italian neighbour had a dog called Defa. His grown up kids named it for him. He never understood why they laughed when he called it.
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  6. We currently have a Jess, as my son liked Footrot Flats comics, and a Nigella, as her mother had really big implements for feeding her litter.
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  7. LOL too funny. I have three BC's. Chip Humphrey Houdini (Choc & White), Jessie Leslie Blue eye (Black & White), Gemma Joanne Bear (Black & White). I guess you'll work it out based on their personalities.....

    Years ago I had another B&W BC his name was Bully (he was a Taurus)

    Ha ha ha thats why my Jess got her name.....
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  8. What sex is each dog? If one's a boy, call him "Robert".

    Passer by: What's your dog's name?
    Owner: Robert.
    Passer by: <Pats dog> G'day Robbie! How ya goin ol' boy? Hey? How ya goin Robbie?
    Owner: NO. Robert.
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  9. Our old girl is called Bonnie, which is a corruption of Bourneville, 'cos although she's superficially black when the sune gets on her she's got the lovely rich red-brown colour of Cadbury's Bourneville chocolate.

    The young feller is called Marty for the rather mundane reason that, even as a pup, it was plainly obvious he was very brght, and so Smarty Marty seemed appropriate.
  10. Arabs are great dogs....i'm not bias at all....i'm just gonna leave this here....[​IMG]

    side note - we went abit more indepth with our naming - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali
  11. Good looking dog! Love the name too mate
  12. Sally - white LabX
    Misty - white/black/ginger/red spotted Grey Hound x Blue Heeler
    Becky - Black Lab x Short Haired Pointer
    Roxy - Black and tan Tenterfield Terrier x Kelpie.

    My eldest son has 2 dogs, a Rhodesian Ridgeback x Bull Mastif named Gocu and a Rhodesian Ridgeback x Staffy named Chi-chi

  13. Gocu sounds like a top name mate!
  14. It's the name of a character from Dragon Ball Z.

    We are in for an interesting time in a week or so. He is coming home for a week or so and is bringing his dogs with him. They are maybe a year old, our little dog is 11 years old, hopefully there won't be any problems....
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  15. I had a dog named Stay.
    He went insane.
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  16. Funny you should say that. I call every dog I've ever owned "Dog" for the same reason, regardless of what his/her name actually is.

    I used to have a cat called "Horse" but he died. The bus that hit him has never been the same since.
  17. need photos to match the name.

  18. When we got Marty (kelpie x skinny English type dobermann) he was 12 weeks old and completely hyper. Even more so than puppies usually are at that age. Bonnie (kelpie x staffy x collie) was going on 12 at the time and getting creaky with arthritis. For the first couple of weeks we thought we'd killed her as she attempted to keep up with him and then would struggle to lever herself off her bed later as she seized up. That was two years ago and now Bonnie appears to be getting younger and livelier by the day.

    As long as the incomers aren't aggressive, there's nothing like a pup to get an old bugger moving again :D.
  19. Kris (son) assures me they aren't aggressive.

    Next door had 2 big dogs - Bull Mastiff x and a Rhodesian Ridgeback x that managed to dig a hole under our fence big enough for them to 'visit' our place. Our dog wasn't fussed, but she'd got to know them through the safety of a fence first. And they weren't there for days just a few hours at a time.

    It's quite sad now, they've moved and our dog will lie on the ground looking under the fence pinning for them....
  20. Our new boy, named "Charlie", no deep meaning, just sounded right for him.