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dog name suggestions...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kurnell sanders, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. I just got a dog from dog rescue, she is a kelpie cross cattle. Her rescue people called her sugar but I don't know if that's suits. I figure the brains and comedians on this forum would have great suggestions so let rip...

  2. Picture? Age? Sex?
  3. I am of the firm belief that a dog chooses it's own name.
    Just watch her for a few days...
  4. My rescue dog only answers to two names...Shutup or Piss Off!!
  5. If you want some good ideas you need to post a photo, or a really good description. Of course its pretty hard to go past Spot, Rover or Ben Dover - love saying those names out loud in the park.
  6. I came so close to calling my dog Gary for the same reason. Trevor works too.
  7. I like the name dog, it's easy to remember.
  8. how about Lexi?
  9. My kelpie x healer is called Diesel.
  10. Picture needed before naming suggestions can be forthcoming.

    My cat was named Basil by the rescue people but as soon as I got him he became Shadow (dark brown/black cat). No way any cat of mine was going to be called Basil - he would have been a laughing stock amongst the neighbourhood cats.
  11. She is 14 weeks old.
  12. Coco

    (extra characters coz msg needs to be >5 chars)
  13. snoopy i hope she not taking a pee in the pic
  14. button - coz she's cute as a button
  15. No Gregb, she hasn't left any surprises yet.
  16. good stuff irealy like jackrussels and foxys you wont regret it ,,,,,well maybe sometimes lol
  17. Stoner.....

    after Casey of course.
  18. Cute puppy, how about Penny?