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Dog-dumping biker a new breed of thief

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Dog-dumping biker a new breed of thief
    August 16, 2006 - 12:16PM

    A Perth thief is taking expensive motorbikes for test rides and never coming back, abandoning dogs he leaves behind as security.

    Police believe the same man is responsible for stealing two bikes and abandoning two dogs in separate scams this month.

    The first theft happened almost two weeks ago after a Wanneroo man advertised his motorcycle for $10,000, police say.

    "A man arrived at his house with a dog and was given permission to take the bike for a test ride, leaving his dog with the seller," police said.

    "The man did not return with the bike, or for his pit-bull terrier dog."

    The second theft took place on Tuesday after a High Wycombe man advertised his off-road quad bike for $7000.

    A man who answered the advertisement left his dog with the owner and stole the bike while on a test drive.

    Both dogs are in the pound and face being destroyed if they are not claimed.

    Police say the man was aged in his early 20s, about 180cm tall, and slim with brown hair.

    Source: http://www.theage.com.au/news/natio...-breed-of-thief/2006/08/16/1155407857134.html
  2. Bring new meaning to theft being a "dog act" :)

    I hope the dogs were borrowed/stolen and the owners locate them.
  3. Cool, you couldn do the same with the neighbors kids, then again they may actually be smart enough to remember who left them there.
  4. Wow, what a low act. I wonder how he gets the dogs, probably just steals them first. Every time I've been selling a bike and someone's asked for a ride I told them the only way I'll let them test ride it is if they put the agreed $ value for the bike in my hands first.

    scooter who is the bird in your avatar? Looks like she has a great rack!
  5. I hope they find the thief and put him in a cage with a few angry, cranky and downright pissed off, hungry pit bull terriers. :evil:
  6. Oh, her.... been there done that, can't remember. :p
  7. If you were telling the truth you'd definitely remember! :p
  8. Just as a thought...aside from the low act of abandoning the dogs...wouldn't you be a little suspicious of someone who "walked" to your place for a test ride? I mean, usually when someone has ridden/driven something of mine on a test drive...they have a car or something on which they arrived...still parked out the front.

    I wont let anyone ride unless I have cash in hand first...unlucky if you don't like....buy someone elses. :?
  9. Meanwhile, reports are coming in of a man who leaves an Across as security while he takes a pedigree pooch for a walk - but never comes back... :LOL:

    (Look - as a former owner I'm entitled to make at least one Across joke!!!)
  10. Sweet! I'm gonna go try and swap my cat for a gixxer tomorrow!
  11. At least the gixxer doesn't need it's tray changed every day :p
  12. Actually, my cat (well, it was my sisters cat until she moved out... she named it Georgie, but I misheard and have always called it "Dodgy") has never gone to the toilet inside the house.

    Never had to clean up after it for anything :shock:

    She's getting pretty fat though, so I'm not sure food vs fuel consumption would be too different if I made the swap :p