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Doesnt that just suck

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. I just realised that my p plate restrictions ended on monday 18th October

    I had given it very little thought

    having no bike or $$ for a bike means I had forgotten it

    oh I did remember 20 days ago but then put it out of mind for above reasons
  2. so? its not as though you would have been riding anyway.
  3. Yes, but its still not nice to realise what you've been missing. :cry: Getting off your Ps is one of life's more meaningful milestones... and all the worse when its springtime and a young man's thoughts turn past love, overlook Tennyson, and fixate on motorcycles.
  4. ahh yes. Forgive my mistake.
  5. Recently I was telling my mate about my pending license suspension. His license was suspended at the time. He said to me "are you sure it's only 3 months not 4?? Mines 4" I called bs on it so he pulls out the letter and hands it to me. Me: "hahaha it says JUL not JUN u silly prick you just served an extra month for free!!!" he just sat there lost for words for about an hour.. We won't be letting him forget that one anytime soon!!
  6. My mrs just came in to see why i was laughing then UDLOSE, and now she is laughing too.
    Thanks, guess we needed that :p. (though im guessing you meant to say JUN not JUL?)
  7. That's funny. That would suck balls if it happened to you!!
  8. and then... did your mate say "haha laugh it up pal... i can ride while you cant! ... whose laughing now!!"

    lol, sorry couldnt help it!
  9. Tbh I completely forgot when my restrictions were going to be up, didn't know if it was late May or early June.. then I got to thinking maybe it was April as I already had my gear by then a year prior.
    Didn't have any money to upgrade so I figured I'd just stick with what I had, and then it blew up late June.

    A couple of weeks later when I was able to I travelled up to the Sunshine Coast, did the Q-ride upgrade day and then another week and I got a loan from my sis for a new bike.

    The main thing is you know the day has passed, so theres no more waiting for that specific day to pass.. just need to organise finances and go shopping
    and license upgrade depending how its done in your state.

    Also UDLOSE, I'll try to remember that one ;)
    bloody cracka
  10. .. I'm hanging out for my P's to end!! (December this year).. I already have the upgrade and have had to stare longingly at it for nearly a year!!... slobber, slobber... (soon, soon!!)....8-[
  11. Lol, I need to change my plate to ilose lol. Nah my mate started his suspension a month early and he didn't realize until about 2 days into the real start of it.