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Doesn't matter what you ride anymore, because this is cooler.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    This is the most extreme road-going 1000cc sportsbike in the world: 280bhp, Kawasaki ZX-10R-based Asphaltfighters Stormbringer.

    Built in Germany, the Stormbringer takes a standard 165bhp Kawasaki ZX-10R and modifies it almost beyond recognition.

    The main feature is the engine – still kept at 999cc, the motor is fully reworked internally by German tuner Sepp Buchner, who has done extensive work on the top end.

    This results in 220bhp – but for a few seconds the rider can activate a ‘booster mode’ which is claimed to push power temporarily to 280bhp!

    The bike’s electronics prevent it being activated below 180km/h (111mph) so it won’t wheelspin or wheelie.

    Bikerbox electronics are fitted with full programmable traction control, launch control and a programmable speed limiter – so you can set a MotoGP speed limiter for pit lane or town speeds!

    Claimed top speed is ‘more than 198mph’ according to its manufacturers, and 186mph is reached in 13.9 seconds!

    125mph is hit in 6.5 seconds. Standard suspension is reworked and tailored for each buyer – as is the riding position, and a matching Held suit and X-Lite helmet is supplied to every buyer.

    Lightweight wheels and upgraded brakes are included, the bodywork is unique with fins claimed to aid directional stability.

    Head-up display is included, and rearview cameras feed what’s going on behind in to a small display on the tank.

    The spec list goes on – full details on the small-scale production machine in a future issue of MCN.


    God DAMN =D>
  2. whats so good about it? looks ugly :)

  3. Looks are always hit or miss, but look at some of that stuff:

    Programmable speed limiter? _awesome_

    Traction control, launch control? Win.

    Rear view camera? Not perhaps necessary for most people, but cool.

    30% power output increase on tap? :D
  4. That man with the orange face is staring at me!

    I think....
  5. at first glance...the brand logos at the bottom fairing looked like some alien text :|
    nice looking bike....UBER features :| :| too bad need autobahn to enjoy this machine :(
  6. I do believe he's the Stig's less humorous but far more efficient cousin....
  7. Quote of the Day....so far!
  8. Damn you, j3st3r! I was going to say, "I wonder if he's related to the Stig" but you beat me to it & it's not funny now.

    Anyway, I still prefer my 'busa.
  9. unless.... :)

  10. I'll take 2 of each :)
  11. he's staring at you while holding his crotch. can you put 1 and 1 together mattb?
  12. Is it LAMS?

    Or should we be more sensible, and wait till directly after you get your unrestricted license :p
  13. would it be safe if i jumped on this from my scooter?
  14. I think it would be a good commuter motorcycle.
  15. All I know is that in Europe the lack of sunshine has bad effects on people!

    There's something very wrong.....
  16. They should make a restricted version for lams.. limited to 1,000rpm :LOL:

    I'll trade you this chewing gum and a door hinge for both them orange ones :angel:
  17. does it have ABS?
  18. Sweet Bolivian coffee, thats one heck of a power output! Wonder how they manage the 'boost' mode? It'd be like riding a missile...

    ...a sexy, lethal missile :twisted:

    - boingk
  19. Can you pick the colour?

    Cuz i want one in black.
  20. No he's staring at you holding his crotch.

    Hang on . . . . .