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Does your Motorcycle lie down to sleep

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MVrog, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Mine does 002.

  2. damn, nice bike you got there!
  3. It needs a blanket and a pillow to be cosy
  4. No wonder it lies down, You flog the crap out of it during the day, Hahahahaha
  5. It needs a bodybag, mate. it's a mess.
  6. brings a tear to my eye seeing that, such a beautiful machine
  7. not anymore it isn't.
  8. Oh crap that doesn't look good. Much damage?
  9. Fall off the side stand,
  10. Thousands of dollars damage, and no, it didn't fall, it was pushed.
  11. that's just nasty.
  12. oh my...
  13. Who needs their legs broken? :furious:
  14. Mine does when the police man can't put a stand down correctly.. Bastards lol
  15. :( Anyone with a bikers heart would appreciate what a true shame that picture represents.
  16. wow, looks like a crime scene
  17. Wait wtf, pushed!!
  18. That would be more than enough to make the bloody boil ! Very sad indeed.
  19. That is truely horrific.:cry:
  20. Looks like your bike was trying to get cozy with the other bike, hopefully its a he and she bike..............else your bike could be gay :-s.

    Whoever pushed it:
    -Dog = off to the pound
    -Wife = two months of golf/fishing/races at any time without any nagging
    -Girlfriend = new gf
    -Best mate = 30 cartons of beer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.