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Does your FZR250 flood, stall, or bog down? Look here

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Linkin, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. The most common cause of low end rev range issues on these bike is worn out needles and emulsion tubes in the carburetors.

    The cause of this is the bikes having the carbs mounted at an angle, the needles will be constantly rubbing against the emlusion tubes. Over the years this causes enough wear to flood the engine. it may stall or you'll twist the throttle and nothing happens.

    The newer model bikes (3LN6, 3LN7) do not have this issue because they run FZX250 Zeal carburetors, which have the needles held in place by separate springs (separate to the main plunger spring).


    Identify your bike/carburetors: http://2fiftycc.com/index.php?threa...0-3ln-bodywork-frame-engine-carburetors.3469/

    Purchase appropriate carb replacement parts (note, 4 carb kits in total required, 2 of each type for inner/outer carbs):


    3LN1: http://www.motorcyclespareswarehouse.com.au/products/k-1205yks-ky-carb-repair-and-parts-kit

    3LN3/5: http://www.motorcyclespareswarehouse.com.au/products/k-1203yks-ky-carb-repair-and-parts-kit

    The keyster carb kits have wimpy gaskets, recommend litetek ones instead



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