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Does your bike have a name?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lukestuart1, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    I grabbed my first bike on the weekend.
    It is a 2005 GS500F.
    Photo album here

    I need name suggestions

    The only thing that i can think of at the moment is Charlene (and i have no idea why)

    So let me know what you think and hopefully i can decide on one
  2. Why do you feel the need to name your bike?

  3. You prove a point that legally eligible & mentally capable require no association what so ever!
  4. Coz i havent named my car, and i really wish i did.

    Do many people name their bikes?
  5. That's because it's her name..I haven't named a bike in 28 years of riding...I have been known to call them rude names from time to time though.
  6. How about "The Bike"
  7. .... you're 23 son, get off the tit and man up!
  8. Princess Moonbeam.
  9. I know, call it bike!

    Its got a real ring to it.
  10. Wait until it (a) strands you at the side of the road one wet night (b) topples over on top of you in front of an audience or (c) empties your bank account and maxes out your credit card without telling you.*

    I'm sure you'll think of something appropriate then :wink:.

    *Don't worry about it. All bikes do it. It's part of the specification.
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  11. biatch.
  12. Cyril - pronounced with a lisp
  13. Don't anthropomorphize inanimate objects, they hate it when you do that.
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  14. Frank and or Trevor come to mind for a name after looking at the pics. I may not be the best person to comment as I called my gpx250 kermit, becasue it was Green...... time for me to get off the boob to it seems
  15. Agree its name is Charlene, you cant think of a name they are obvious if they have one. Some bikes just don't have names and some you know immediately.
  16. pick a japanese name, jap bike, jap name, its how it works.
  17. Call it 'Spanner', coz I'm sure when you twist that throttle in anger one day, your nuts will tighten :D
  18. Charlene should be fine. Or how about Ellie May or Paris or Magnolia or Oprah, or Betty Lou or Bobby Joe ?
    Naming your bike is less important than naming your willy.