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Does track racing do damage to your bike ?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by paulmoran, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering ... Track Days, are they damaging to your normal run of the mill Spuersport wanna be bike eg: GSXR600K7 ??

    I am keen on doing a track day, but just want to be informed about how much potential damage i could do (not in the context of crashing...just mechanical etc etc) ...

    Cheers all!!

  2. Why would you damage you bike? The bike doesn't know if its being ridden on the road or the track.

    Do you mean damage it by giving it a good thrashing like revving to red line? They are designed for such things as long as you don't abuse and mistreat it.
  3. Not much chance of doing damage as such, just increased wear-and-tear. As a very rough rule-of-thumb, each kilometer you do on a track can be like doing 20 kilometers on the road (depending on how hard you ride).

    Just make sure your bike is in good condition (rubber, chain, brakes, oil, coolant) before each event.
  4. yeah, thats what i was getting at (or trying to ;) ) ...

    I mean, if i wanna do a few track days a year, i just wanna be sure that im not trashing my baby ...thats all

    cheers guys!
  5. Why worry? What's the point in having it if you can't do everything you want to with it? As mentioned, just make sure you do all the good things to it like oil etc.... and have fun! :grin:
  6. It won't be any problems at all.

    A couple of my mates even took their bikes (999 and gsxr6) to the track during running-in! :shock:

    I would change the oil/filter before and after the track for peace of mind, but it wouldn't really need to be.
  7. Are you crazy? Taking a brand new sportsbike to a race track? Dude!

    Didn't anyone tell you, they're only designed to be ridden up and down Chapel Street, they'll fall apart if you ride them hard!
  8. Haha... I ran my K7 750 in at Broadford. They love it!!!
  9. I knew that there was some place I needed to go, any wombats in chapel street. :LOL:

    My bike has seen over 2/3rds of it's total time on the track and it's loves it.