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Does this VIN look sus... or am i paranoid?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by transit, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Hey all, just wondering if this VIN plate looks suspect? I'm looking at buying a bike interstate and asked the owner to send me a pic of the VIN plate.
    The reason i ask is because the first 2 characters look like they've been scratched in, especially the first character "9".
    Or am i being paranoid and this what all VIN plates look like?

  2. hmmm looks funny hey.. i am sure they are all stamped.. :?
  3. Heh, They do like kinda scratched in but i think its just the flash reflecting weirdly. It doesn't look tampered i think they might have been restamped or something but it doesnt look like they where different characters before.
  4. I've got a feeling that one of the first few characters on mine is similar.

    If in any doubt just check to see whether it has a clear title, can't really go wrong (unless the whole bike has been cut and shut from two bikes!) :LOL:
  5. The 9 at the start looks very suss.

    It looks almost like it was drawn on with an engraver.

    The V after it doesn't look quite right to me either.
  6. I agree with McBigg
    the 9 looks sus - it looks like it has been handwritten using an engraver

    Maybe you should speak to the cops (or someone else about it), try REVS - do a rev check on it 10 times for the 1st number 0-9
  7. Ring Honda MPE. (03) 9270 1111 Ask for the warranty department.
    They have all the information on Honda motorcycles imported and sold in Australia. If you give them the details you have they should be able to confirm whether or not that VIN matches the motorcycle you are looking to buy... including the name of the dealer which sold the bike when it was brand new.
  8. THat 9 at the start looks super suss to me. Ild be getting that checked or probably safer to just stay away from it, just incase it is a couple of diffrent bikes.
  9. thanks guys, i wasn't sure but i also thought all the characters were stamped in. He's selling it with no rego or roadworthy. I'll definitely be doing a REVS check.

    Thanks for the suggestion evilooliver about doing a check from 0-9. The REVS check cost $10.60 each so i'll be up for $106 to do it that way... but might be good insurance. I also want to get a local to do a mechanical inspection for me and i'm sure he'll also check this for me.

    Does anyone live in Canberra and want to have a look for some $? Or can anyone recommend anyone in the area? I contacted that guy from:

    ... but he only works around Sydney - he charges $150 to inspect but said he'd go to Canberra for an extra $200 - so $350 all up.
  10. Yeah, agree, the 9 doesn't look stamped like the other numbers.
    Looks like a different font if that makes sense... compared to the other numerals.

    I'd look into it. Could be OK. Might just need further investigation.
  11. That 9 seriosly looks like it used to be a 1 Zoom in and have a look (Compare it to the other 1 in the number), I'd like to see an other VIN Plate with a valid 9 before I stated it for sure, but it definately looks suss to me.
  12. Transit remember if it is suss and you go to register the bike, the bike can be instantly impounded for testing,and if it shows up stolen then you have lost your money unless you get a court order taken out against the person who sold you the bike If I were you I'd stay away from it.
  13. The 9 is fake, open the pic in paint or some other editing program and draw a line across the top of the all the letters, they all line up the V is on the edge but the top of the 9 is way above the other letters.
    Also the round part of the 9 is not a circle, it's oval, a sign it was handwritten.
    Also the plate is not flat anymore, as you can see the flash actualy highlights the defect.

    Stay away ...

  14. As well as checking the bike's registration history, I'd definitely be following up Nev's suggestion.
  15. I thought it was free if you do it online? Never mind i have never used it
    I stand corrected lol

    TO be honest - :cry:
    - be realistic - better safe than sorry - when doing the REVS check i would start with the number 7 and 9 and work from there!
    - It may be easier to get another bike - You don't want a dodgy one!
  16. Check the VIN with Honda and the local road authority. Each company has a different font and in the case of numbers like 9, 6, 8 and 0 they use a distinctive change in order to differenciate it.

    And anyway, that's the compliance plate....it could be from anything! ;)
  17. I'm pretty sure there's a logical explanation behind this somewhere, I've seen this on my/others bikes (incidentally all older Hondas), I'll check mine tonight.
  18. The 9 looks like it was converted from a 1.
  19. It must be a mixture of 'Garden Gnomes' and 'Pixie Dust' that changed that number '1' into a '9'. :LOL:

    That explains everything..... :roll:
  20. Having had a think about this I think the number is ok. Its the other end of the VIN which would be tampered with.

    The JS2SC33U will probably identify it as a Honda
    9 probably the Honda designation for the CBR900RR
    V is the year code for a 1997 model Honda
    M otorcycle ?
    xxxxxx = 6 digit sequence number

    Under the seat there might be a sticker which will have the paint code and the model code... the "9V" will probably be replicated there (or similar.. it would probably be a 3 digit code... ask the seller to check on the subframe for such a sticker and get a photo of that too.

    I reckon it looks a bt dodgy in the photo but probably all legitimate.