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Does this sound like a good deal??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by timbo79, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Found a bandit 1250s on bikesales. perfect it is metallic blue and has 12,600 km. He is asking for $8750 its a 2007 model. will be viewing it on sunday in ballarat. comes with original service books. does this sound lie a good deal? not too many km's? does this bike last for a lot of km's because its going to be a keeper for the work commute which is about 80 85 km both ways complete.

    Thank all
  2. owmush?
  3. ownmush???
  4. ownmush???
  5. HOW MUCH... bit hard to tell you if its a god deal without a price lol
  6. WOW, That's a brilliant deal!

    Sarcasm, sorry. :LOL:
  7. Lol sorry guys i have posted the price....good 1 hey??
  8. Lol sorry guys i have posted the price....good 1 hey??
  9. Around $12k new, so couple years old and not many km's - low $8's be good buying.
  10. If its got new tires and reg on it (originals last about 6k) it could be the one for you.
    Mine has a few more k's than that and its been faultless so far. Wish I could come have a look with you mate.

    It could have been one of the series that came with top box and panniers so ask about them. If they have been fitted and removed make sure the rear indicators are set back in their right places. Most people like me didn't like how they all fitted and sold the gear before putting it on the bike :)

    Worn tires and old reg is worth offering an even 8. Tires are $500 (PR2) and suburban reg is about the same I think.

    PM for more info if you like mate.
  11. I don't know how much buying experience you have, so sorry if this is patronising:

    Make sure you do a REVS check (or whatever you Victorians call it).

    I nearly came unstuck buying a second hand bike privately not that long ago. Although there was no money owing on the bike, it would have been difficult to sell later on. (REVS database was incorrect, but was updated, then and only then did I proceed with the purchase)

    So get the engine, and VIN and number plate number and check them against the rego label and then do a check.

    Could save a lot of pain later on.

    Also if the seller is saying they have had it log booked service, check it on the spot - just do not believe the seller. If it has been done, the bike *may* be worth a bit more. If it appears the bike has been treated like crap (e.g. left out in the elements), log book servicing doesn't mean too much.

    If the seller does not have log books after saying that they do in the ad, I would walk, who knows what else they are lying about. Or, they are that stupid that they do not know what log book servicing is, I would still walk.

    Be prepared to walk away and good luck.