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Does this qualify?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Yesterday I went to Tamworth to recce the ride route for the weekend. It was on the basis of "Yes, Mrs Hornet, I'll be careful, and I'll ring you when I get there and I'll probably stay the night up there and see you back home Wednesday afternoon, kiss, bye" sort of stuff.
    Well I left Wollongong at 6:00am, got to the ride start point at Wilberforce at 8:00am and arrived in Tamworth at 4:00pm, all stops included. Rang Mrs Hornet, yes, all ok, might stay, or just head a few kays down the New England and stay somewhere closer to home, it's still light, warm, you know the drill!!
    Anyway, I stopped for dinner at 7:00pm at Singleton, and got home a 10 to 12 last night!!!
    1228 kilometres in 18 hours, all stops included.
    Can you tour on a 600 Hornet? Mate, I want it buried with me when I die, because I reckon there's not a hole I could get myself into that that incredible little bike couldn't get me out of!!!
    So, do I get an Iron-Butt award, huh, huh??

  2. That explains your tardiness in not posting, then.
  3. That WAS a cheap shot!! What, you mean it was noticed that I wasn't on the forum yesterday.....? :LOL: :shock:
  4. The forum's bandwidth usage was at a record low yesterday :LOL:
  5. rc shuffles around and looks embarrassed
  6. Funny that you say that .. not a record, but it was little lower than some recent Tuesdays :LOL:
  7. I was using all my tyres' bandwidth.......
  8. Iron-butt is 1600 km's in 24 hours. You stopped slightly too early.

    Saddlesore is 800 km' in 12 hours.

    Also there's a bunch of rules & requirements to prove distance travelled (speedo doesn't count).
  9. Damn, I had enough time to have done 400 more kays. Trouble is Mrs Hornet may not have appreciated it if I had ridden AWAY from home, rather than towards it. I was sorta joking about the award; I knew there were rules about the formal Title, but I was just skiting that I'd done a long ride and it had gone well!!! Thanks for the specific info, mate.
  10. Actually if you want to do it, it's fairly easy.

    Check out http://www.ironbutt.com/ridecerts/getdocument.cfm?DocID=30

    for full details.

    There is also a 2000k and 2500K in 24 hours as well.

    2500K in 24 hours means you're average speed is over 100klicks an hour as well :)

    (And yes, I still have plans to do an Iron Butt. )
  11. Hornet's working on a way that he can ride AND continue posting at the same time...Not sure what sort of award that would qualify for though.
  12. 400k or so short :p :p :p

    And you didn't keep your receipts and do the paperwork :p :p :p

    Iron Butt rides are pretty easy to organise though and you should be able to do it on the Hornet...


    It will take forever to get your certification back if you bother to apply....

  13. NQR...

    Ironbutt is the association.

    The lowest rides are the Saddlesore 1000 (miles) and the Bunburner 1500...

    There's no official 800k ride...

  14. Yeah, I know.
    If I had known, I might well have had a go at it; I had 6 hours left and only needed to do another 400 kays. I did keep all my fuel receipts, but not having set out with the purpose of doing it, it's a bit academic really. Was a fantastic ride though, I didn't doubt that the bike could do it, but was surprised at how well these old bones handled it.
  15. Worth skiting about though... It's a good solid ride on your own.
  16. After our effort earlier this year, a couple of us have a vague idea of looking at a longer run. Adelaide Darwin is just over 3000k and a 1500 mile (2500k )run might be possible - especially With the NT speed limits :twisted:

    It's not gotten to the planning stage yet though - wives/girlfriends have yet to be convinced that this is a good idea :roll: :roll:
    and we need to work out when the weather is at its best - preferably not during the wet season :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I might have to look at something a little quicker than the beemer for that one too...