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Does this need replacing?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Auscon, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. My apologies if this should be elsewhere guys & gals...

    First bike, second hand GPX250, had 600k when I got it and only up to 2000k now...

    Tonight my housemate was backing his car into the garage, nudge, tip, crack etc :mad:

    It's cracked the fairing on the lhs of the bike, about 1.5 inches long, underneath the front indicator light, where the front forks pass. It's caused that side of the front fairing to separate just slightly from the body. It's crushed the part right on the corner, for about an inch in diameter.

    A few questions for the experts;

    1. Is this something that needs to be fixed? Structurally wise I'm concerned that if I continue to ride without doing anything the vibrations might cause it to get worse?

    2. What are my options?

    Can it be fixed or would the fairing need to be replaced?

    I wouldn't be able to find the time or patience to fix it up myself, if that's even possible.

    3. How much do said options usually cost?

    If replacement is my only real option does anyone have a ballpark figure as to how much a replacement fairing from Kawasaki would cost? (2007 model, red w/grey flames)

    I had to laugh though...less than 1 week ago my housemate (who I've been good mates with since we started highschool) made a comment that I should 'be more careful with other peoples property' - a moment of idiocy on his part after I accidentally broke one of his girlfriends 'expensive' saucers worth $10 (if that). Needless to say he feels quite horrible at the moment.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
  3. Need replacing? You bet! I'd be arranging a complete replacement immediately. If I was in your shoes, I'd be replacing him with something blonde, in her mid-20s and proficient at reversing a car.

    Of course, YMMV, so you're better placed to decide just what you'll be replacing him with. But, sadly, your housemate has to go. :wink:
  4. They are as rare as rocking horse shiit
  5. I hate to sound mean but slap some supa glue on it and ride the ring out of it as there is a fair chance you could put a few cracks and scratches on it yourself.
    Repair it before selling if its bad enough.
  6. Do a search for plastex.... it should solve your problem if you want to DIY.
    I did it with my old ninja's fairings. :p
    That being said, it was black and that helped. :p
  7. Yep, a fibreglass repair kit can work too if you're not worried about the appearance of the inside of the fairing.
    If you really don't want to do it yourself you might be able to find a Netrider in your area willing to do it in exchange for booze (preferably one that's done it before and before they drink the booze :LOL:).
  8. If you're in Melbourne, maybe we can do a plastic fix as a spanner night project...
  9. does your mate have insurance?
  10. Thanks for the responses everyone.

    Cheers for the offer Loz, but I'm in sunny Perth :)

    I've emailed one of the local dealerships to see if they can give me a quote.

    I'm just tossing up whether to do something quick and easy ie glue/tape, and only get a proper repair or replacement done when it comes time for me to sell the bike, and have him cover it then. Though I take extremely good care of it so it'd pain me to see every time I went for a ride.

    I plan on having this bike for more than 12 months though, I'm not rearing to go up a class - I don't have a heap of opportunities to ride it during the week as well as weekend for the most part, so I'll have the 250 to enjoy for a while yet.

    As 2wheelsagain said there's always a good chance that won't be the only damage to that fairing by the time I decide to sell, and if thats the case we'd be able to split the difference in cost for replacement, well, an equitable split based on the damage.

    I'll ask him about his insurance tomorrow and see what options we might have there.

    Knew i should've gone for the VTR... :wink:
  11. Being such a new bike, it might be best to let insurance do it's job in order to maintain the friendship. I've had a shit load of both bikes and friends in my life and it's clear which is more important. Only your friends who can bail you out of jail. :wink:

    However (from info given without seeing pics), if you choose to patch it then a fibreglass repair kit from bunnings/mitre 10 would work fine (just make sure you put the patch on the inside so it can't be seen. :)

    If you haven't used fibreglass before then practice first with some old bits of wood/plastic/whatever and join them to see if you have the knack. If you succeed then go for your life on the fairing. If you fail, call a friend who surfs (in perth you should have plenty) and get him/her to do it. Glass is shit easy to work with if you know what you're doing and most surfers/kayakers/cannooists/small boaters etc... will be able to help you. :)

    Edit: Also, it would be best to make up your mind before doing anything. You can't expect your mate to sit and wait for 12-24 months and then hand over the money. It's not fair to let it hang over him. If you intend to get it fixed properly when you sell it then get a quote now, let him fix you up and the whole thing is over. :)
  12. Insurance can be "iffy" about accidents occurring in driveways, especially if it involves people closely associated with the person making the claim (few too many "convenient accidents" I'm guessing).
    Might be worth a shot but depending on your excess might well be cheaper to just fix it. Depends if you want a shiny new fairing or are happy to live with a repaired one I guess.

    And Seany friends can bail you out, but a decent bike could have outrun the cops in the first place ;) :LOL:.