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Does this look any good

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by resonator, May 15, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    I just got sent this picture of my bike now that its painted, and its completely different from what I drew up to have done... I'm not sure if I don't like it because it wasn't what I was expecting, or because it looks like arse... What do you all think. It be nice to get an opinion from people who actually ride.

  2. Are Sumoto doing it?
  3. um what was your original paint job mean to look like? upload a design for us. Ive seen that design before on the road looks a bit plain....looks like the are gona do a silver RR sticker like shitmato
  4. PGM-FI... :LOL:
  5. That's a curious inclusion for a CBR250RR, innit?
  6. yeah :roll:

    I havent got a pic handy, it's at home. it was meant to have the rr250 sticker on the ducktail, and a smaller cbr sticker between the air duct on the side and the front wheel. and honder across the bottom.

    also the silver line at the back was meant to completely fill the ducktail, and continue along at more of an angle through the middle of the fairing.

    to me it look all backwards.
  7. If its not what you wanted, dont pay for it.
  8. Yeah, thats what makes it so difficult. Its my cousins shop, and hes doing it for me for the cost of paint. I don't want to be a dick cause he's doing me a huge favour, I don't want to offend him for saying I don't like it and paint over it, and I don't want to have to sell my bike cause I don't want to be seen riding it either.
  9. hmmmmmm, ......

    tuff spot your in. Problem with mixing family and cash jobs etc, it leaves you vunerable with dilemmas in situations like this..

    well, Its a one off paint job and is brand spanknig new, woo hoo yeah?.. Ok, so it does look a bit unorthadox and odd without various stickers on it where it could/should be, but i dont see why you cant ask your Cuz to make a few little tweaks to it (and offer to pay him a bit more for it to smooth the deal over) and then at least you have struck some middle ground?

    If I could get mine done just for price of paint, I would be stoked, but yes... i know that annoying feeling when stuff you get done just looks not like you like it.

    Maybe when the bike is all finished and ready to ride it will grow on you a bit?

    2 mins before posting here, I just read a thread posted by a fellow netrider who is a paraP now from his disturbing bike accident and he so appreciative and hoepfull for the life he has now, so I guess if you compare the perspective of it all this might lower your GGGRRRRrrr levels on the paint job - you have a good bloke of a cousin, family, bike buddies and a new looking bike, all be it NQR in your eyes for now. Thats ok.
  10. I think its fine, and it *looks* like a quality job. Get a sticker to put over the FI bit and your laughing.
  11. Just ride it, Its nice and clean paint and ya gunna toss it down the road anyway,........ :shock: .

    looks ok to me but looks more gsxr colouring than honda. maybe people will think ya own a suzi,

    honda ... only tampons have wings...
  12. I like the look of it.
  13. thats the greatest paint job ever..please pay your cuz, cuz.
  14. Nah, tossing bikes down the road is a messy business. I've decided that I'm going to stop doing that now. :)
  15. Greatest ever you recon... That makes me feel better. :)
  16. Hahaha. yeah im gunna stop doin it too. Right afer the next one.
    seriously looks like u can take a joke mate, and the paint looks pretty decent to me. pay the man. No where else around will u get a paint job for cost of paint. least its not pink or summin........
  17. if it s not 100% what you wanted but still good then keep it. yeah it looks pretty good i reckon.. the masses will like it for sure..
  18. yeah, it probably will grow on me. Its starting to a little already... I'll take your advise and see if he can make some minor changes easy, otherwise just cover them up with some stickers. I really should see the bike in real life before I make any hasty decisions but.

    Yeah, he's an awesome bloke, and thats what makes it so hard. I think I just gotta chill and appreciate what he's done for me.
  20. its a habit isnt it Loz