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Does this indicate my cabies are dirty or something else?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sweeris, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I was on a ride out to black spur with a few others. Im the morning nearing my arrival at the meeting point I started to notice that when I open my throtle passed 2/3 my bike would lurge like its trying to accelerate but it wouldn't and it kinda felt like it wasnt getting enough fuel/air...

    Since it wasnt a big problem I just kept it at the back of my mind and just enjoy the ride.

    During the ride I guessed that I might have been something durty in my carby. So I just sit back and wait for a few sections when I get full throtle with sixth 6 gear and high speed. I figured it might clear it up. After a first setion I found it hasnt cleared up but by the second time I hit 130 or so. I found that it kinda disappeared. It run fine at full throttle again..

    Now it got me wondering what is happening with my bike.... Thoughts, ideas?

    I ruled fuel out since I filled it from reserve and also when I fill it I let in run from reserve for a while to get the muck out(this might me causing the problem). I usually do this every couple fill ups...
  2. Re: Does this indicate my cabies are dirty or something else

    Could be dirt/water in fuel tank and/or carbs.

    There should be a fuel bowl with strainer in the fuel tap - it should screw off. Check there first for anything bad.

    Then undo the drain screws at the bottom of each carb and catch the fuel in a clean container, so you can see what comes out.

    If it doesn't happen again ...


    Trevor G

    The above is a lot easier than pulling the carbs off...
  3. Dirt in the bowls sounds like a good guess.

    If it's gone then forget about it for now. If not you might be best to get the carbies off and give them a good clean.

    Set the float levels, put them back on and sync them.
  4. Yup its gone now anyways. I thought it might be just dirt so next time when I service it I'll clean it....

    Thanks for the replies...
  5. Flatspot could be due to not enough power for the coils, seems to happen on mine sometimes. That said, I have some mysterious electrical problem that melts but doesn't burn correctly rated fuses...
  6. You might have copped a tankful of shit fuel.
  7. Altitude!! Jetting.

    If ur bike runs good when around a certain sea level and u got into the mountains and it runs shite. Higher the altitude greater the air density, make the bike run a tad leaner. Temperature, humidity can also had the same effects.

    Unless ur bike has been rejetted very narrowly/specifically. Then i doubt its this. I know my bike suffers from altitude sickness :grin: