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Does the VTR250 have rear ABS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Hypervisor, May 1, 2013.

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    Honda MC33 VTR250 09+

    Wikipedia seems to think so, but no other evidence supports this claim. The rear wheel has a speed ring and sensor, but I'm able to lock the rear wheel up? What gives? Nothing in their manuals or product lit states otherwise...

    Said ring and module... http://i.imgur.com/vliyb4U.jpg

    Is it just a rear wheel speed sensor?

    Any info? :wtf:

  2. Pretty sure no VTR250 has any kind of ABS, at least not the ones sold in Australia. I've certainly managed to lock up both the front and the rear wheels on mine :D
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  4. Mine sure doesn't. :D
  5. The 2009 VTR250 EFI does not have ABS, and neither do any of the earlier models. You're right, it's just the speed sensor ring which replaced the old cable speedo. The wikipedia article/photo is wrong. I'll jump in an make a note.
  6. If you have the owners manual then there should be mention of what the ring arrangement is for. There is no logic for a rear wheel only ABS, so it's most likely bike speed as pointed out.
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    Checked the spare parts list, It's a speed sensor. Was just confused as all hell because Wikipedia listed it as being ABS.

    It's now been removed, if you check the Wiki History.

  8. It isn't traction control or anti wheelie either :)
  9. Hi folks,

    My 20 year old daughter just purchased a VTR 250 EFI. Im pretty good on the tools. The rear disc is a mess - down to 3.9 mm and all over the place. I can't for the life of me find a replacement rare rotor that has the holes drilled for the speed sensor. Everything out there appears to be of the non speed sensor disc.

    Any ideas where I can get one from? Im 100 ilm north of Brisbane. Happy to order online - if I could find one.

    Cheers Lyndon..