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VIC Does the TAC ad vilify? Let's see.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rider5, May 22, 2012.

  1. This Saturday I'm going out to do a voxpop survey of the general public to see if what I think about this subject is on the money. If I'm right, in collaboration with rider rep groups we are going to push for a set of rules to be put in place that prevent the misrepresentation though visual, spoken or written mediums of facts, statistics or events that lead to the negative stereotyping or vilification of any legitimate road user group.

    The survey is simple and comprises four questions:

    Have you seen the new TAC ad about motorcycles? Yes/No

    In your opinion does the ad make you think that:

    Motorcyclists are Vulnerable Road Users? Yes/No
    Motorcyclists are irresponsible law breakers? Yes/No

    Do you ride a motorcycle? Yes/No

    It's my belief that the TAC should not be able to misrepresent or vilify any road user group. In order to take the fight to them with my claim that the new ad misrepresents and vilifies through the biased representation of a negative stereotype, I need evidence. I intend to dress in non-motorcycle clothing and ask as many general citizens for their answers to my questions. The more I get the better the argument. If you would like to help, I need volunteers. Meet at the Motorcycling Australia offices, 147 Montague Street, Sth Melb at 08:30 - Sat 26th May. Ideally to avoid allegations of bias, bring non motorcycle clothes. If you can get a clipboard even better. Any takers?
    Rob Smith
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  2. They know the evidence is out there because they have already acknowledged/responded to the claim.

  3. Unfortunately that's not evidence and the evidence we need is not just for the TAC. Acknowledging or responding to a claim is not agreeing or accepting. I don't think that I've read anywhere that TAC accepts that their ad misrepresents or vilifies. It would be nice if it was that simple.
  4. How 'bout this question?

    Who in your opinion was at fault in the accident depicted in the ad? Was it
    a) the car driver
    b) the motorcyclist?
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  5. c) do you think cars should be required to give way to oncomming motorcycles ?
  6. I agree with jazzfan and I would ask that the word “Vulnerable” not be used as it is a description that will not do motorcyclists any good.
  7. Amcn, this weeks issue, recreated the tac ad, and managed to come to a stop more than 5 metres from the offending car.

    Hope this helps
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  8. At 80ks an hour too, I think