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Does the leather jacket need to be skin tight?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by GunSlingerAU, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    I went looking for decent protective gear last weekend - the old denim jacket doesn't cut it - and hit a problem. I'm too small for many of the Aussie brands. According to the helpful staff at MCA, I need the leather jacket to be skin tight, which means a size 36. Unfortunately, only the European brands come in sizes this small, and they're twice the price. The staff said that if it's not skin-tight, it'll roll in a crash - this sounded reasonable to me, but thought I should check with you lot to see if they're pulling my piggy bank's leg?

  2. The reason for advising skin-tight is that if you go for a skate down the road, the leather can't bunch and then pinch on your skin.

    I was also told, buy tight pants, and buy tight boots because they'll stretch.

    That all turned out to be shit.

    If it isn't comfy in the shop, don't buy it.
    If it doesn't cover all the bits you need to keep warm & protected; whatever your body position is in: don't buy it.

    And if it restricts your movement IN ANY WAY that may compromise your visibility, comfort or control of your bike: do not buy it.
  3. Hmm, interesting. So if a 36 is a perfectly tight fit, wearing a slightly larger 38 won't kill me?
  4. you gotta remember the leather will stretch quite a bit,
    so if its loose when you bought it it will get even looser.
    my dainese was really tight when i bought it,but after bout
    2 weeks it fit me perfect. i wouldnt do that with boots though.
  5. Another option if the off the shelf gear doesn't fit very well is to order a custom fitted suit.

    Tiger Angel do very good gear as an example.
  6. Yeah, +200 TA made me some pants that fit better than a glove.

    And my arse doesn't look bit in them :p
  7. Hmm, considering I'm riding a cruiser, and my budget is $500 or so for a jacket, I don't think a full custom suit is what I'm after.
  8. So saving $200 is worth losing skin over?

    MCAS will usually take $50 off if your ask.

    All leather jackets stretch. It shouldn't be so tight you can't hold the handle bars but it should be fairly form fitting.
  9. You should definitely make sure leathers fit well.

    This place goes down to size XXS (which I'm guessing would have to be similar to size 36 or less).

    Their range is much bigger than what's listed on the website too so if you try one of their stores you should easily be able to find something suitable for well under $500. Might not be as good as spending several thousand on a brightly coloured gimp suit but for normal riding at "reasonable" speeds the quality and protection is more than adequate IMO.
  10. +1 to black rose. If you're after cruiser oriented gear, they've got an excellent range. You can get excellent Brando style jackets with elbow, shoulder and back armour for around $300 or so. They're also pretty good with after sales issues and repairs.
  11. my jacket fitts loseish around my midsection, just because i wanted to be able to move my arms around comfortably. the sizes that fit right around the midsection were way too tight around the chest and shoulders and the arms stopped to shirt.

    sure i dont look as damn sexy as if i was wearing a tighter jacket, but i feel more comfortable and still safe
  12. I'm happy to pay a couple of hundred bucks more if it means better safety, but wanted to confirm that it was really necessary and not just an excuse for them to get more money out of me.
  13. Sometimes the extra money just goes towards paying for the brand name (which pays for ads in shiny magazines and for some racer to have it written on their butt ;)).
  14. Speaking of leather

    Been a long time reader without registration ... figured it was about time. Looking at the heaps og posts on leather gear, I have noticed Black Rose being mentioned in a good light quite often. I checked them out on the web but alas they don't appear to have a distributer / retail outlet in Sydney ?? Is this the case ?
  15. Re: Speaking of leather

    Looks to be, although you could always send them an email to check.
    Otherwise it's a good excuse for a trip to Newcastle ;).
  16. JD ....

    My thoughts on both counts ....
    1. I have sent an email with as yet, no reply
    2. Have spent some years in Newcastle some time ago .... therefore not adverse to a trip back. The only issue is that the website didn't list the address in Newcastle so I have requested that by email as well.

  17. Yeah bit annoying they don't list addresses. I had to go through the same thing of emailing to find the one in Port Melbourne the first time and if I remember right it did take a few days before they replied.
    If there is a Sydney outlet be sure to post it up - I'm sure others would probably be interested to know.
  18. Absolutely true. New leathers can stretch up to 10%, so if buying new, start with it a bit on the tight side (no need to look like one of those chicks in latex unless you are a female - then I highly recommend it)!

    Some of those Italian brands make great quality stuff with plenty of protection. Sometimes there are good specials here http://www.bimoto.be/en/outlet_moto/jackets/index.htm - I've bought from them before - good guys and will also help with sizing.

    Also remember that Aussie and USA sizes are a different scale to Euro sizes. I wear a 46 Walden Miller jacket and a 54 Dainese - both are the same size.
  19. i just bought a jacket from those bimoto guys (still on the way)
    service seems top notch so far, and saved a bundle even with the transport costs.
  20. remember you will probably wear it all year round and if its skin tight in summer you won't get any warm gear underneath in winter. also think about whether you will wear a back protector.