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Does the iPod muck up the music on your computer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. I have heard that if you connect an iPod to your PC, it deletes files that it 'thinks' are not legally purchased?

    I have heaps of files which I have ripped from my own CDs and records, and am not anxious to have them trashed if I connect an Apple device to my PC.
  2. nah I loaded ripped and downloaded music to one here at work and they play fine on it... itunes is a stupid program to try and use though, I hate it. Ipod's are the best supported with peripherals though
  3. Supplementary questions, then, do you HAVE to use iTunes to interact with a computer; can you not just transfer fiels like with most other music players?

    Secondly, is the iPod hardware interface unique to the iPod or can you plug iPod accessories into other music players?
  4. I have heard you can use winamp provided you have the right plugin. You can't copy paste onto them like you can a memory stick or other mp3 players.

    If the peripheral has the 32 pin plug on it then that's only ipod's that it will work on, if they plug in using the 3.5 mm stereo plug then it will work with basically any mp3 player.

    I find some of the Creative and iRiver players are more versatile and have more features and easier to use.
  5. I'm going looking for a Ipod software replacement when I get home tonight - surely there must be one?
    That itunes thing is the crappiest piece of software on the planet. I feel like smashing something everytime I touch it.
  6. It depends on what iPod you use. Some no longer have the option to enable 'Disk Use' which is what you want to transfer files.

    iTunes is not an exclusive player. You can use other media players at the same time. Just make sure that you use the same library. iTunes does not alter or modify any of the files in your system. The only change would be if you ripped a CD using iTunes and selected AAC and not MP3 as your format. You can also tell iTunes NOT to manage your library. It won't change the location or format of any of the music you have.

    iTunes cannot play DRM music from other formats, as other formats cannot play AAC encrypted music. Heaving said that, there is a lot of content on the iTunes store that is now DRM free and this can be transferred to MP3 format in one mouse click. As well as being DRM free, it's also a higher bit rate and equivalent to most ripped CD's (unless you're a fan of lossless copies and have huge disk space).

    iTunes takes a little getting used to, but I have not had any issues with it. The iTunes store is easy to use, podcasts as seamless and it really is the best way of managing your content on an iPod. Give it a try and I am sure you'll get over any initial hesitation very quickly.

    For all that people harp on about how iPods are crap and iTunes is hard to use, I really haven't found that to be the case. And that's from a diehard Windows user who even though he now has a Mac, isn't an Apple fanboi.
  7. But what is crappy about it? I really don't see what the issue is. I found it easy to use and works well with all my media.
  8. been using itunes and ipod for years, and I haven't bought one song.
    I have the itunes store switched off.
    It's a piece of piss adding and converting music, I find it hard to fathom anyone having difficulty using such an easy to use software.
  9. +1 (and I never thought I'd say that!)

    I don't mind using the store. It means that music I hear on the radio (normally internet) I can buy there and then. Saves having to go to shops and search for stuff. I don't do pirate downloads and find it a simple way to expand the music library. I rarely buy whole albums though, just a song here and there.
  10. Okay, thanks for all that.

    Now the next question is more difficult, I think.

    I only do a few trips a year, and am not looking to get around shutting out the world with a music player in my ear 24/7. And I have a nice stereo in the car, so four-wheeled travel's music is taken care of too.

    And I just can't come at spending nearly $300 for the 16gb iPod.

    Has anyone bought a basic iPod then upgraded to a better one, and is therefore interested in selling the lower-spec model?
  11. So tempting!

    I have an 8gb nano and a 16gb Touch. The nano is use at the gym etc...but I'm not sure if it's worth selling (what's it worth?).

    But, rather than buy of ebay or someone like me (intrinsically untrustworthy!), visit the Apple refub store @ http://store.apple.com/au/browse/home/specialdeals/ipod?mco=MTE2Nzc

    They've got refurbed nano's and classics, all just over $100.

    What about this 30gb for $189 (shipping included, to your door less than 1 day) http://store.apple.com/au/product/FA444X/A?mco=MjE0NTU0MQ

    Just a thought...
  12. GENIUS!! Thanks for that link, mate!
  13. Instead of using iTunes, try this little app which you copy onto your iPod...its free and its brilliant

  14. I would be more than a litttle hesitant to buy a refurbished ipod considering that from personal experience an 80gb classic was posted back 3 times, supposedly fixed, only to go back to the continuous loop of death almost immediately.
    Finally after much coaxing the unit was replaced with a new one, unfortunately the owner no longer has any confidence in the product and it sits in a drawer. :roll: (Very annoying considering how much it cost when it was that had to have item at the time)
  15. So let me get this straight.
    You had a defective one that was "fixed" 3 times so eventually they replaced it with a new one and you instead of using it has locked it in a drawer because you don't trust it despite the fact it will probably work forever?
  16. I don't speak about myself in the 3rd person. :roll:
    Dealing with a teenager here, you of all people should be able to relate to the non logical rationality involved. :LOL:

    I personally could not be bothered with an overpriced (for what I would use it for) ipod, an MP3 works just fine. (MP4 doesn't get used much as I don't really need the video and pic function, to be honest my phone does everthing anyhow so no real need for the MP3 anymore either :wink: )
  17. Mate if you don't want it mail it to me my son could do with a free mp4 player then :p
  18. I use iTunes because its easier to manage our 2 iPods but for ripping and playing using the PC I use an older version of MusicMatch Jukebox.
    I'm putting off upgrading to IE7 because MMJB wont work with it. Why cant iTunes be as complete and functional as MMJB without the being the resourse hog it now is?
  19. $300 and it's yours (or your sons)
  20. I can get a new ipod touch for that.