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Does the bike make the man

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Killbot, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. I was sitting at some lights when a big beefy guy on a chopper pulled up next to me. he began talking to me about bikes and stuff (i didnt know this guy but he was nice) then this old lady pulled up in the lane next to me and leaned out the window and said "whats a nice boy like you doing with a criminal like that?" this guy looked like a bikie (u know Tats and a goatee) i was just thinking does a bike steriotypically make you someone your not?


  2. As you found out, people have perceptions and apply stereotypes regardless whether or not its true. According to some I know, I am now going to die at a young age because I now ride a motorbike. These are the same people who have said to me that they feel safe driving in the car with me because I'm observant and drive my car smoothly.
  3. No, of course not. But it remains that a proportion of people who ride such bikes and dress in such a manner are involved in crime like drug manufacture and distribution, illegal weapon trade AND useage, as raids on their premises usually show. Having a club-house with 6 feet high brick walls, video surveilance systems and razor wire does tend to cause the average citizen to ask about the necessity of such things.....

    That said, I'm sure there's one or two CBR-600 riders, for example, who aren't exactly pillars of society either, but they're not as obvious....
  4. Actually it's chic's on 250 virago's that ya have to be worried about :LOL:
  5. But who said i was less likely to comit a crime than the biker
  6. The bike makes the stereotype

    (for unthoughtful people)

    This lady was actually reasonably discriminating in her discrimination: lots of people lump all bikes into the same category.
  7. Crime figures.
  8. I keep saying to my kids to keep clear of me as I am F@#KIN TOUGH !! (cause' I ride a black cruiser) and all they do is laugh at me and tell me to fall asleep in the corner!! :LOL: :LOL:

    I then get the wife to say something to them but she just tells me to F#@K off back to the garage!!

    Then the dog c#cks it leg and pees on me.

    When I shave, the guy in the mirror is not afraid either, because I CAN"T stare im down!!!!

    So Yeah, the bike DOES make THIS man! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I am putting adeposit on a 50cc scooter tommorrow :( :(
  9. I'd like to those figures. For every genuine 'patch club' bikie, there must be a dozen weekend HD riding dentists and accountants, who dress similarly and seek to piggyback on the image. Are they included in the "Crime Figures", or are we talking once again about a triumph of prejudice over evidence?
  10. Yeah but it's not often you see reports in the media of Police being called to brawls involving rival accountancy firms :p.
  11. Maybe thats the only way you can afford a HD :grin:
  12. #12 incitatus, Dec 8, 2006
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    My point exactly! perception is all. Joe public looks at the accountant and remember the news item about the bikie, he then puts two and two together and makes five.
  13. Mmmm the sterotype for riders is terrible. People are shocked when they see me with my gear on.. since I'm such an upright citizen¿ (rofl). But they all get the same response when they ask me if I ride - no of course not I just carry this stuff around as a fashion statement. :shock:
  14. Remember "The Legend of Ron Burgundy" and the big fight with all the news crews? :p
  15. I dunno, come June 30 they're usually pretty nuts with the "financial new years eve" celebrations.

    Back on topic, I've noticed that when I'm shopping in a department store wearing my bike gear, I always get asked if they can go through my bag. If I sneak past they usually chase me down like I'm a shoplifter.
  16. Yeah but more often than not that's probably what the accountant wants people to think.
  17. within the biking communitiy its more a case of the clothes maketh the man. fully kitted up you get a fair majority of nods, smiles etc. but go for a squid............ = shunned. much respect.
  18. I think the bit you missed was that while the guy was chatting to you at the lights he was actually trying to sell you some LSD and a gun. :LOL:
  19. Don't be stupid. Bikies sell SPEED, hippies sell LSD. DOn't you know anything?
  20. How much was the gun? :LOL: