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does tac pays for injuries on larger bike?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rudey, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    Im on the 12 months limited full licence thingy. that means i cant drink'n'ride, carry a pil and cant ride over 260cc legally.

    i was thinking of upgrading to a larger bike early. if i come off will the hospital bill still be covered by the tac insurace?
    also, if i had even a TINY bit of alcohol in me, will i not be covered?

  2. TAC is a no fault insurance service. You can do the most stupidest thing and as long as the bike is reg'd you're covered.

    Riding outside your licence conditions is a police matter.................
  3. From what i have been told, TAC will cover any medical expenses if you come off while riding a bigger bike, just as they would cover you driving an unregistered car, without a licence while drunk, etc....
    But they may not cover loss of earnings, etc.
  4. Not fully correct. As Rolla says, TAC will only cover you for emergency service (ambulance and emergency room). If riding illegally, everything outside of this (rehab, income assistance, non-critical operations, etc.) aren't covered. And your private insurance won;t likely give you any coverage either as most don't cover when knowingly participating in an illegal activity.
  5. I stand corrected :)
  6. Still not fully correct. TAC will not pay for Loss of Earnings (LOE) however all medical will be paid for. Not just emergency room but physiotherapy and rehab and all expenses arising from the accident on an ongoing basis as well.

    If you are unlicenced and the vehicle is unregistered on a public road it doesn't matter - you are covered except for LOE. It is more complicated on private land.

    Under certain circumstances you will get LOE despite being over .05

    The full details are available here
  7. Damn spoilsports who let truth get in the wsy of a good story :grin: Nice work there! Saved me 5-10 minutes today. I am calling them with an inquiry about somethign with mine and I was going to ask this question whilst on the phone to T.A.C. Good stuff :)
  8. THANKS GUYS! i apreciate the amount of effort put into answering my questions.

    i did call them just to make sure as we have a slow day at work and they said everything will be payed for appart from loss of earnings. i think i will be upgrading pretty soon. :grin:
  9. Just remember insurance (paying someone elses work). You do an at fault in a merc/bmw etc, may be paying damages/repairs for a loooooooooong time.
  10. I can't stress this highly enough. A mate test rode a bike larger than he was licenced to ride and managed to side swipe a nice convertible Merc. All he did was smash the mirror and put some scratches and dents in a couple of the side panels.... Close to $4500 later he is still paying it off.

    I can only imagine if it was something a little more serious or the car a little more exotic.

    He also owed the bike owner another thousand or so bucks for the bits he bent on the bike.