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Does size matter?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Over the last couple of days whilst belting my VFR 400R through my favourite twisties I got to thinking. My 400 makes between 59-62 hp depending on what you read, weighs around 170 kilos, does about 2 & 1/4 times the legal open road speed limit & has more mumbo than I know what to do with in the swervery. Now why the fark would you want to ride something the same size/weight with 3 times the horsepower? What exactly is the point? In 23 years of road riding I have yet to come across anyone who can use about 10 percent of the capabilities of the average litre bike on the street. (I haven't come across Shawn Giles or Josh Brookes or Adam Fergusson but, so don't crucify me just yet)
    Now don't try & tell me you need it for carting a pillion around cause I haven't seen too many perched up in the air like a shag on a rock (except for 18 year old females with way too much bare skin to be comfortable in the event of even a minor skirmish with the black stuff) And can anyone tell me how you actually manage to clamber onto the 4 square inch excuse for a seat?
    As for touring, I can think of about 100 better choices for comfort, & handling the average aussie back road conditions etc.etc.etc
    I must admit, I have been passed a couple of times by riders of these mega power monster tired beasts, -whilst trundling at 95km/hr down the boring straight bits between the fun stuff.
    Has anyone got any ideas? Feel free to share them here with us all (well me anyway)

  2. Mate, you are absolutely right. I see them here too, dressed up in their full leathers and matching gloves, boots and helmets, and UNMARKED knee sliders, fanging up and down Macquarie Pass like they were Valentino Rossi (they wish)

    Their bikes can exceed the posted open road speed limit in first gear and make a mockery of any vehicle on the road off the lights, but why do they need it?

    Because.......wait for it.....

    They have a virility problem!!!!

    They think that having a bigger, faster bike makes them a bigger, faster PERSON.

    Reality check all you Sean Giles wannabees. It doesn't.

    People are free to ride what they like as far as I'm concerned, but please don't tell me you NEED your 187bhp 1000cc superbike, because you DON'T.

    It's your EGO that wants it, thats all..
  3. Here i am going to agree with what you say but then in the next breath say that since my partner wants to start a family im deciding to go back to a sports (sp1 or a zx12 -although im still not convince about the twins yet) For me , its just feels great between the legs .
  4. I totally agree with you. I have nothing against bigger capacity bikes, but you can't use it (full power potential) on the streets legally. The only time that there is an advantage of bigger bikes is on the racetrack and only in the straights.

    It does not take much talent to give it a fist full on the straights does it!

    I personally think that people get pressured either by mates, media TV movies, magazine and even the bike company themselves that you need the biggest, badest bike on the street, ie time for an upgrade because last year model is out.

    If you go back to the grass roots of riding, its all about the tackling the twisties and how you challenge yourself to master this art.
  5. so you mean to say the smaller the capacity the bike the larger ones "prowess" ???
    that means im pretty virile then
  6. It matters not how fast it is.
    It matters not how many cc's it has.

    It matters only how loud it is.

    TWINS RAWK!!!!!
  7. ah put a sock in it you 2 decrepit old men :p
    If thats what makes them happy then let them be...
  8. I'll maybe buy a litre bike at some point (presuming I get good before I get old) for the reason that I enjoy being able to push myself that little bit harder and that little bit faster.

    If I ever get to the point that I can ride a 400, 600, 750 whatever to it's limits I'll look for that next step up.

    That's part of the reason I'm actually getting a bike in the first place. Any car I can actually afford hits it's limits before I hit mine.
  9. Who said that you cant use a big capacity sports bike on the streets legally????
    Have you even considered that people ride these bikes because they offer the latest technology in braking, suspension and handling???

    Dont worrie, when ur on a 2fity its easy to be jelous of others on better bikes.
  10. So u r saying that ur popcorn Aprilia wont go over 100km/h then?
  11. Try riding an SP1 and attempt to keep it at the speed limit.
    They don't do "slow" very well :)
  12. At the end of the day, what does it matter what size or class of bike people ride? The important thing is that you ride and enjoy it. If you want a grand or more then go for your life. If you're happy on your 250, great.

    *shrugs* Life's too short and we're all in a higher risk category than your average Joe. Wasting time with your nose in the air because you don't like X, Y, or Z doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
  13. After reading your replies my mind started ticking over again & I got to thinking about my last ride. I can see it in my minds eye -I distinctly remember being hunched over the tank, elbows tucked in, throttle pinned to the stop, looking at the speedo & seeing 220 km/hr & thinking "God damn -if only that were reading 280 then maybe I would finally be a happy man" Hang on a minute, what am I saying. I think that might be a flashback to a dream I had the other night. Any way, keep the replies coming. I'm still curious to hear some really good explanations.
  14. Well im yet to ride one, but any bike with decent power regardless of the style of bike will float around with speed.
  15. Welcome back David.

    I was thinking where you had gottne to the other day......
  16. There is no explanation needed. Just ride what u want, I dont care what anyone else rides whay should you?
    Maybe I should ask why people ride small capacity bikes that offer limited acceleration and poor handling? And riders who dont wear matching leathers or no leathers at all?
  17. Which sort of brings up another good point, -well another point of interest if you like, well -to me anyway. Why all the whinging & whining about 250cc bikes & how slow they are etc. etc. etc.? You lot don't know how good you've got it. When I cast my mind back to the first roady I bought it brings a shudder with it when I think about it. Consider this. 220 odd kilos. About 50 hp. Single disc front brake. Drum rear. 120 section rear tire. Don't even remind me of the bucking & weaving that went on when you tried to tip it into a corner that was anything less than billiard table smooth at anything over 140km/hr. Your average across would tear the thing a new ar$ehole & leave it wondering where it went.
    Funny thing is though, hell we had some fun
  18. i gotta 1300 busa, and an extremly souped gixxer 750 and an nsr 2fiddy.. Why???
    I lover the torque of a bigger cc bike. The Gixxer and the stroker are mainly used for the track (and dispite the HUGE horsepower difference my laptimes are about the same) and the busa is strictly a tourer. Try traveling to brisbane on an old 400 and tell me the extra power, torque and comfort are not required!
  19. Cbar6, your taking this so personal, how come???

    hmm, what is considered limited acceleration, my little RS250 does 3.5seconds from 0-100km/h stock. With 1 tooth less on the front and 2 up back, it does 3.1seconds from 0-100km/h. Max speed drops by about 10km/h (who cares about max speed). Oh 1/4mile mid 11seconds.

    Poor handling? Lets see brembo brakes all round. Showa forks up front and Sachs rear shocks. Adjustable everything.

    140kg dry weight, rider weight is about 61kg. Both rider and bike weighs in alittle over 200kg with 70hp on tap from a little 250cc.

    Its all about putting the biggest grin on our faces.

    Just read this from a 1000cc rider.
  20. Asto, Asto. Learn to read my friend. I already said I could think of 100 better choices to tour on. Myself, if I were heading to Brisbane or similar distanced trip I would opt for my VFR 750. Quick, comfy & if you've never heard one with a decent pipe then I'll let you in on a little secret. They sound HOT. Stinking hot small block V8 HOT. And fun.