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Does SHE comes with the scooter!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. ummm, probably not :LOL:
  2. Only if it's got a serious vibration problem :D.
  3. Hahahahaha! nice.

    I think that's some SERIOUS false advertising. Some poor desperate bloke prob is buying it as we speak... where is boyracer? :p :rofl:
  4. More to the point, why were you looking at scooters Holly?????
  5. It's ok to look...so long as you don't get into a serious relationship with them...isn't it?
  6. "Do YOU come with the car?"

    "Oh you, hehehe"

    Looks like a used model anyway, only likely to depreciate in value.

    Not sure about the scooter...
  7. I'm looking at bikes, but because on bikesales.com.au you can't say "NO SCOOTERS" in your results, they unfortunately come up, ffs.

    I've written a complaint to them already about their shite searching options, and they never replied. I might send another.

    ie, if I'm looking for bikes OVER 650 cc, I have to search all groups, because they only give you small frame brackets - ie, 600-800, 900-1200, 1200-1600.
    Also can't exclude certain words in searches like "scooter" "dirtbike", "cruiser" etc...

    *rant rant rant*
  8. You could probably rent her, or something like her, for $100 to $200 an hour.
  9. Yeah, but then you'll probably end up with an after-lease item that you never agreed to :LOL:
  10. Still better than getting involved with an Italian women.
  11. Yeah, French ladies are much better.
  12. Oh shite, then I'm in trouble.
    I'm totally in a serious relationship with Suzi!
  13. Why do you want to know Hols???
    I thought you just got into an infatuation!
  14. Over my infatuation. I thought you boys might wanna buy the scooter if she came with it, or might like to sue for false advertising :p
  15. Hey, I know that it is well known that some of the homo erectus are controlled by his :censored: .....but most have a fully working brain too :-w

  16. eheheh you said erect

  17. pmsl @ Geeth :rofl: that's exactly what I was thinking :oops:
  18. LOL ! Good one :)
  19. Just got here.

    I ordered one with an aftermarket pipe, and I'm going to put some ducati stickers and pazzo levers on it.

    Bitches I be rollin'

    EDIT: In one of the photos the guy gets some decent lean on...didn't know that scooters could do that...