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Does riding calm you down?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by port80, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. After having my bike in for a service for the last couple of days I have found that I need a second bike.

    It's been a while since I have needed to drive any real distance (other than just down the street). I got so frustrated in the car, I didn't rage anybody and I didn't drive poorly, I just got really uptight and frustrated.

    I remember I used to get out of the car everyday at work and start the day off angry before I got my bike. Even just the couple of days I haven't had my bike this has started again.

    Does anybody else have this problem?
  2. I don't drive my car at all these days unless I need to carry something that won't fit on the back of the bike.
    My car has only travelled 2000kms since Jan 18 and my bike has done over 20,000k's.
    I can't stand being couped up in a cage anymore, I dont want to miss all the smells and the fresh air, not to mention the pure pleasure I get from being on my beast.
    I have not had to go without having my bike yet, but I'm sure it will happen one day.
    Maybe I should get a scooter for a spare ride.
  3. Yeah, I can't stand to be in the car. It feels like a coffin, even with the windows down, it gets you angry. I think its the fresh air that calms you down on a bike.

    But you probably vent your frustrations through the helmet as you ride and in the car you don't do this as you are listening to music etc.

    So you are still holding it in when you get to work.

    well thats my side of things
  4. I tend to get excited when I ride.
  5. Riding for me is therapeutic..........if i haven't ridden for awhile i noticeably feel more stressed and uptight!

    After a ride though........i'm all relaxed :)

    Unfortunately i haven't ridden for 2 weeks since i'm working 6 days.........Serentity now!!!!
  6. Oh it does for sure - it forms a big part of my relaxation - that and Canadian Club :) Often take the long way home after work on the bike just to calm down even more.
  7. for sure...

    i tend to find i'm more relaxed, not as stressed, when on the bike than i am when i'm in the cage.
  8. Definitely calmer and more relaxed after a ride...who needs valium :LOL:
  9. So, is it before you are more "involved" riding a bike, than simply steering a car? Or is it that it's something you're doing that you don't have to share with anyone, selfish pleasure?

    Riding is definitely a more sensual experience than driving, unless you happen to have a $300,000 sports car....
  10. the only thing i dont like about driving is traffic. it drives me bananas now that im living in melbourne and makes the bike preferable most of the time. ive only got a 10k v8, but i get kick out of driving it every time. it's a different experience to the bike for sure, but turning the aircon on and the stereo up and going for a cruise in the ute is a great way to relax.

    i love bikes and riding them, and i love to hate on cage drivers for trying to kill me when im riding. but i got a lot of love for 4 wheeled transport too.
  11. *sigh of relief* the bike is back in the garage now. I feel better already.
  12. Does rideing calm me down?

    Not if I'm doing it right it won't.

    Adrenalin is not particulary known for its calming ability but hey, each to his own I guess.
  13. Even though riding requires more concentration and awareness of everything around me I find it relaxing. I always feel good after a ride :grin:
  14. the 2 greatest things in my world at the moment are music and riding :D

    I wouldn't say I'm a stressed out person in general, but riding completely stops me thinking about bad things.
    (home life, life, money problems, all of it - gone :D)

    And before I was riding I used to use music through big chunky headphones (which is what i'm doing right this second lol, mums on the verge of another break down, completely lost it)

    If I had my bike right now, I'd be geared up and out the door, but some smashing pumkins almost deafening me works beautifully aswell :p
  15. There's just something soothing about getting sweet, sweet engine vibrations transferred up your tushie approaching redline. :LOL:
  16. +1. Me too..
  17. i get a rush out of riding.. like an extra strong latte or some thing.. i just love getting on the bike and riding. i try not to ride when im pissed off, as it makes me a bit too aggresive on the roads, and il likely do something stupid.
    i diss on cagers when im on the bike.. and like to think when im in the car im different to them and alot more aware of whats going on.
    to me ATM, my car is a form of transport, the bikes a accessory i couldnt live without.
  18. Moi gets car sick these days if I have to travel in a car for any distance. Mind you being in the car with my mother & tearing through the carpark @ Highpoint wasnt much fun :LOL: Think I've actaully driven twice in over two years. :LOL:
  19. when i get off my bike i have a huge grin on my face and have to tell everyone everything that happened on my ride. :grin: :grin: definately not calm! but i like driving too it's just not as exciting. although im never going to get on the bike pissed off- accelerates quicker and way more manouverable than a car (too easy to do something stupid)
  20. Being stuck behind a car in a long long set of twisties with no overtaking areas for a few many kays tends to relax me to the point where I might just fall asleep.

    If I'm up front, it's much more of an eye-opening and invigorating experience going at a proper pace.

    I've noticed while I'm doing my driving lessons, I'm very tense, totally unlike when I am on the bike.