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Does riding bikes mess up your balls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAX123, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. ok, the ladies dont have a problem with this, but what about us blokes, is the vibrations etc messing up our balls, this is a serious question, a higher rate of pushbike riders develop testicular cancer , would a bike with a harder seat be more of a problem or is the vibration of a big single or v twin more a problem.

  2. I think there was a study on this posted a while ago. The issue was not so much the testes but the blood flow in the perineum (which I heard referred to hilariously as the 'scranus' - the area between the scrotum and the anus). Lots of nerves there as well as the blood valves that control erections. Apparently a fair few cyclists get erectile problems. A bicycle seat is a lot harder and narrower than a motorbike seat, though.

    I think the consensus in the old thread, from memory, was 'rampant'. ;)
  3. Find me anything fun that doesn't fcuk you up.

    Steak - your heart will explode
    Potatoes - fatty little landmines
    Alcohol - so bad that whole religions ban it
    Now motorcycles - makes your balls kill you

    Given that my expiry date is closer than my conception date, I think a steak and chips with a icy beer followed by a mountain fang is in order

    Screw the experts, they're just knobs with too much polishing.
  4. A motorcycle, properly ridden in the prescribed manner, will actually aid in their development.
    Eastern Creek is a great environment to test this theory lolol
  5. I wouldn't think so. The seat of my bike is probably more comfortable than most chairs that i've sat on.
  6. Depends on lots of things, bike size, seat padding, seating position sport/tourer etc, and of course nut size.

    Im on an across and not a small guy either and damn it hurts after a while. I dont travel more than 20 mins on it. Cant wait to dump the thing and get a proper nut-comfy tourer.
  7. been married a loooong time - can't seem to find mine to check :)
  8. No but hitting a tree stump while riding does.
  9. As i often get a boner while riding, i think its all good.
  10. Check your wifes purse
  11. First of all... ROFL! ^^^

    Secondly, Does it matter if your up against the tank, or just leaned forward bit further back on the seat? Or is it just a hard seat problem?
  12. For sure. Ever heard people say it takes balls to ride a motorcycle?

    It's not a metaphor :(
  13. I have been riding for 45 years, I dont have any problems with my balls.
    Two wives, 5 long time girl friends and 5 daughters resulting from the two wives.

    Its just a fallacy from turkeys that have too much time on their hands, and dont get enough sex.


    PS; Reworded for the dirty minds.
  14. You really need to reword that. :shock:
  15. Sorry to be that guy, but this is really irritating me - it's "riding".
  16. "ridding" a bike, (I edited it) can be good for you. No bike, No Danger.

    As for riding, I don't think any risk would stop most people.
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: aaah, the hilarity!

    my mate was an apprentice greenkeeper. he and all the other guys had a name for this phenomenon when using their equipment.

    cough *tractor fat* cough :LOL:
  18. There's a study somewhere about it making it more difficult to urinate - done in the UK I think.
  19. it's called ya gooch!!

    ...scranus :LOL: