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Does riding a motorbike make you cool to other people?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr_Ignorant, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Since i've started riding daily, i've noticed when i'm on the bike or in my gear people want to talk to me. A few are other riders, majority are non-riders.

    On the Firestorm i have noticed people wind down windows to listen to the car. Guys in V8's blip their engines when i rock up. In the elevator at work people ask me which bike in the carpark is mine, what's it like etc.

    A Firestorm is nothing special but the reaction from people is sometimes like i am driving a Porsche GT2. The wife's Aprilia gets 100 times the attention i do.

    Does being a Rider open the doorway to red carpet treatment? Or is it just me?
  2. Maybe its just you. I have never had anyone think im cool on my bike. (but thats cause i ride a GN250 or my wifes CBR125R :oops: )
  3. Sh1t yeah dude, since I began riding my life has morphed into a non-stop orgy of good times and groovy tunes. Men want to be me, women want to be with me :cool: *

    *Disclaimer, the above statement might very well be a load of sh1t used only for humorous purposes and general wanking on. Plus, I have a girlfriend who would kick me in the nuts.
  4. I think my p3nis has also gained an inch as it was 1.5inches this morning :grin:
  5. Ahh crap, I thought it was just me :LOL:
  6. Its hard to tell considering I was so damn cool to start off with.
  7. Nah, they just wanna talk to you, cos they figure that you will be dead within hours.
  8. Love it, positive reinforcement. :grin:
  9. I get the same with the r1. Never got it with the across.
    Alot of people seem to ask me if its fast :)

    I find its mostly dudes giving you kudos, women dont give a shite and if anything it just seems as if because i ride a bike I'm automatically a scumbag an not to be trusted. But thats probably just me :cool:

    Also i reckon the girlfriends ass gets more attention when its on the back of the bike then than when im on the bike by myself.
  10. I think Mr_Ignorant is cool.
  11. on bike :cool:

    With helmet removed :shock:
  12. Most of my lady friends keep telling me that I'm gonna die on "that thing". I haven't yet deducted whether or not that means they want to have s3x with me.
  13. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they're just identifying who owns the bike so they know whose reaction to watch when they steal it :LOL:.
  14. Cambo, man, you are ice ice baby :grin:

    :rofl: at Deyago's small print...
  15. i get lots of attention when i find a false neutral and the engine bounces off the limiter.more 'tool' than 'cool' i'd imagine.

    as far as people you know telling you that your going to kill yourself simply because you ride and not even knowing how you ride,well i absolutely despise that shit and it makes me agro :evil:
  16. I reckon people secretly think you're cool but are also a bit wary.
    When I go into pay at the servo I get a slightly frosty reception but as soon as I smile and chat they seem to get very friendly :cool: - chicks I mean, the spotty guys can f**k off :grin:
  17. you guys crack me up :LOL:

    but seriously i'm already so cool i need sunglasses at night
  18. In my experience, nobody gives a shit.
  19. If you ride a cool bike people will pay attention to the bike... doesn't really mean people are paying attention to you as such.

    The thing is that a car to generate that sort of attention costs big bucks and bikes are cheap.
  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: