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Does riding a bicycle make you a better motorcyclist?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iliketoride, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. I ask this because I've been riding pushies all my life since I was a little dude.

    Now I have my L's. but no bike and thinking that my years of riding bikes should logically put me in good stead. I've ridden cycles in heavy traffic at 50km/h plus and I think the lessons learnt can be applied to riding a moto right?

    My first ride after getting my L's was taking a bike for a test ride and it was a pretty easy thing.

    Anyone with me?
  2. Does riding a bicycle make you a better motorcyclist?
    I think so
  3. won't hurt.

    rider training, the right mindset, etc will make you a better mc rider.
  4. I dont think so.
    1. Most pushy riders ignore all road rules - you cant
    2. Most pushy riders dont keep up with traffic - you have to
    3. Most pushy riders only have to worry about whats in front of them - you need eyes everywhere
    4. Most pushy riders think other road users owe them - you're now an "other road user"
  5. And you can't ride across pedestrian crossings at 40 km/h on a bike, and give other road users the finger when you are breaking the law on a motorbike either! (My pet cyclist peeve) :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. :? :? :roll:

    How do you figure that? You can't get rear ended on a pushy? Beg to differ.

    Sounds like half the people on this forum! I reckon you'd find that most pushy rider just believe they have the same right to be on the road as any other road user, just like motorcycle riders.

    In answer to the question, yes. You have a better awareness already of traffic and other hazards and already know basic handling of two wheels.
  7. Riding a motorbike does not make you a better bicycle rider!

    I got back on the pushy after about 10 months of ignoring it and riding the motorbike constantly. Felt very strange cornering, wobbly and too high. Not being as quick and not being as fit didn't help on punt rd.

    The temptation to 'carry speed' is there too, more likely to take risks at intersections because you've worked hard for that momentum

    - incidently I believe this is behind most cyclist bad behaviour, not that they (we, I) think they own the road, but that they think they own the momentum.

    Riding bikes around inner city melb certainly does give you an 'enhanced' road sense and lane awareness. That plus a motorcycle's responsiveness and more stable handling is an advantage. If you are in 'car mode' with respect to stop signs, give ways, indicating, reading the road ahead and predicting car behaviour, and in 'bike mode' for lane splitting through banked cars, parking wherever you like you're all good
  8. lol. i dont think we are talking about 13yo BMX riders here. obviously we (im speaking as a cyclist, im yet to get my VTR250) cant always keep up with traffic. some people ignore road laws, but if u watched anyone who is serious about riding, and not the lil kid from the skate park, or the uni student who rides the 2km to n from uni, i'll think u find we follow the laws. i know i do. if i didnt worry about what's behind me, i would be rear-ended almost EVERY time i change lanes in a multi-lane road trying to turn right. u know the thing where the instructor tells u to look where you want to go (when cornering)? do that on a pushy, and the reaction is a fair bit greater as there's less weight in the bike. if i turn to the right to look behind me, i begin to drift right, even if slightly. i dont wanna be swerving and drifiting everywhere, just to check every 3 secs behind me :) and no-one else owes me a thing, other than the same respect they treat other road users, i have as much right to a lane as you :)

    as far as im concerned, i think it will make me a better mc rider, after riding pushy for years (i dont drive so i ride alot). i need to have eyes everywhere, so i dont get hit. im used to cornering with 2 wheels. i know how to lock up the brakes (thus how to avoid it), and the effects it has. and i know how oblivious cagers can be :shock:

    so yer, i rekon it does! :grin:
  9. Yeah i agree with u nibor. I've been riding pushies since i can remember and noticed alot of the knowledge can transfer across to the motor version. Yes there are some differences but overall i think it certainly helps u out.
  10. If you never rode a pushy, you'd have a longer learning curve on a motorbike. You have some sense of your own vulnerability and that's a good place to start. After that, it's all new skill aquisition.
  11. OP: Yes, for many reasons. If I could pick only one it would be already being used to having to rely on yourself for safety, rather than assuming others will do the right thing. If cyclists behaved exactly the same as cars, accidents would go up. Sometimes you've got to be aggressive to be defensive.
  12. Controversial, but true. Police told us on narrow roads we are better off to ride in the middle of the lane so as to avoid cars having any thoughts of trying to squeeze past when there wasn't room to do so safely.
  13. I used to jump my BMX alot and i find i can control my motorbike very easily when the rear starts sliding out (3 times now and 2 because of oil :evil: ) Doesnt seem to bother me when it happens as i feel i can control it fairly easy, its almost fun. My motorbike basically just feels like my bmx except its a bit bigger and instead of dodging holes n other crap on tracks im dodging cars and potholes.
  14. Does riding a bicycle make you a better motorcyclist?
    Yes, yes I believe it does. For all the reasons others have mentioned.

    However, I believe riding a motorcycle DOES NOT make me a better cyclist.

    Why? Because I wobble around all over the place trying to get used to the twitchy steering; I keep looking at my handle bars for things behind me(it doesn't have mirrors you twit!); I feel the urge to pedal at a million miles an hour just to attain a similar sense of speed and only succeed in wearing myself out; and pull up at traffic lights and nod to motorcyclists only to recieve a blunt look in return. :shock:

    Its so much easier when you've got a motor between ya legs. :wink:
  15. Sorry Nibor, but I have to disagree with you there. Go down Beach road any weekend, especially when the "Serious" bike riders are doing their Hell ride.

    These guys go flat chat, ignoring basically every road rule in the book and are serious bike riders, not your bmx or uni student commuting.
  16. depends on the type of riding.

    i don't think it does affect your riding. more chance on the road than a bmx track!! my dad owned a bike shop, my uncle a motorbike shop. i didn't learn to ride a pushy until i was 14. i rode a motorbike that year too. i'm not crash hot on either but the best motorcyclist i know is hopeless on a pushy, and a bloke i know that's more than adequate at mono's, jumping, tricks on his bmx dropped the last motorbike i saw him ride. i think it depends on the style of riding on both accounts. someone that excels on a bmx wouldn't be too bad advantage wise on a dirt bike. don't think stunts'd help on the road that much. but they could.
  17. You sound like a cager saying "all" motorbike riders are lunatics because he's seen a few like that. You are labelling an entire group (cyclists) because of what you see in less than 100 riders a couple of times a week. :roll: There are thousands of cyclists mate, we're not all the same as the stupid few.

    Flex' I don't consider someone who rides a BMX a 'cyclist', and I'd hazard that neither do they consider themselves cyclists :grin: . "We're riders dude!" :p :cool:
  18. LOL !!!

    Riding a bicycle & riding a bike only similarity is " two wheels "

    I have riden a bicycle since i was 7 years old & when i got on the motorbike 16 years later , IT'S BIG DIFERENCE !!!! .

    Dont be fooled , while on motorbikes require more road knowelege & understading of trafic flow . Even thou i have full driving licence i am still learning the " in & outs" mastering my bike .

    My advice is dont think that bicycle expirience will help .

    Happy & safe riding MATE !!
  19. I don't know if it makes you a better rider, but at least it gets you started on your scar-tissue :LOL:.
  20. :LOL: Sure does! I lowsided my racer at 50 km/h in the rain once...lucky I had jeans, gloves and a jumper on at the time, no scars, lots of grazes... ATGATT. :cool: That was back before helmets too.
    I gave up riding in the inner city, it was just too dangerous, I liked bicycle riding before those experiences.

    Regards, Andrew.