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Does Owning a Motorbike get You Laid More

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Camel Salesman, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Well as the title says?

    If so, what bike do you own? Perhaps we can determine if there is a correlation between the type of bike you ride and how often you get your pocket rocket wet.

    I look forward to your comments.
  2. Hahaha are you serious? I think the red ones get the girls wet more.
  3. Yes... in a coffin if you stuff up! :p
  4. i did pickup one chick that i wouldn't have if i didn't ride.

    but if i hadn't been with her for a long period of time like i have then i probably wouldve got more...

    hmmm I'm gonna say no.
  5. omg my favourite troll!

    welcome back. I'm going to feed because I feel like a good argument.

    Riding will not get you laid more unless you are already charismatic. Personally any gimmick i've got is an easy opener. I've got a broken arm atm and I use that one every time I'm out. With the helmet if a girl thinks you are cute she might ask you what you ride and unless you answer with yamaha, honda, kawa etc. she will look at you blankly and ask "what kind is that?" or "wow is it fast?"

    In my opinion I think the arm has worked as a better opener than my helmet ever has. The cool thing about it is I can take it out clubbing with me. Alcohol and a conversation starter works miracles! :rofl:

    I rode a honda vtr 1000 firestorm till recently. I've gotten a wide range of reactions from omg that's awesome to thats dangerous to wow how try-hard a bike.

    This thread is so dumb I love it! :LOL:
  6. It's hard to say, I was a virgin before I took up motorcycling...
  7. what sucks is i usually have to explain what my bike is.

    instead of
    me:"its a ducatti"
    her: ""omg cool sexmenow"

    me: "its a streetfightered dr750 with and 800 engine, ktm forkies,ducati wheels, brembo brakes ...." or "ktm 525 motard" or "a buell 1125cr.....a buell.... theyre american sportsbikes.... oh forget it"

    her: "uhhh... ok I ride a vespa... im gonna go talk to my friends"
  8. A good strategy Not4Resale, you will have to keep the cast after the arm is better as a club sympathy tool. ;)
  9. You guys that aren't getting laid are doing it wrong. I take every girl out to see my bikes, I get pounced on like they are a cheetah in the wild and I'm an injured calf. Sometimes I put one of my helmets on them. They think it's to be kinky, but I know it's because the people in the ER are tired of me bringing in half naked unconcious women.
  10. from when they fall over laughing at your small dick?
  11. So how often does it hurt to pee?
  12. You ever seen a fully grown adult Serbian Penis before?


    *Gets it out*
  13. ROFLMAO - thought you had it out when you started the thread!
  14. i bet you've seen plenty for both of us ;)
  15. [​IMG]
  16. So let me ask a question to the guys, is it more masculinising or demasculinising to have to rely on a mechanical (albeit often beautiful in aesthetic and engineering terms) device to gain a chance to score with a girl?
  17. I think everybody was!

  18. I think it relying on a bike for some 'boom-boom', amounts to having a photo of Chuck Norris in your wallet to back you up in a fight.
  19. It did years ago. But being married and getting back on a bike after years not having one, i think i get less than ever.
  20. This will make me sound like a tosser but it's the truth so don't be jelous. Lol! :p

    Had girls hang out the window scream 'take me for a ride!' before. Yes they're superficial but they're hot so who cares.

    Given my number out a few times at sets of lights. Princess Hwy is gold cause you get the young stupid hotties who want to get with a guy who rides or drives a fast car/bike.

    Not that I rely on it, but just another nice little perk that comes with owning an awesome bike :-]