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Does less policing of Victorian roads lead to a lower road toll?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. During October 2010 there were 39 fatalities on Victorian roads.

    During October 2011 there were 19 fatalities on Victorian roads.

    That is a reduction of 20 which is approximately half.

    The single most significant calendar event in 2011 was the slow down in traffic enforcement by Victoria Police due to their industrial dispute relating to pay.

    Did this reduce the road toll? Were people driving in their comfort zones? Are comfort zones safer than speed limits?
  2. You may want to refresh yourself with this thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=125772#.TrPkkSphiSM

    Do you have information to support your contention that there was a slow down in traffic enforcement? From the thread above, it still continued, the change was only in method of dealing with it.

    It may pay to look at other factors too such as days of extreme rain.

    Oct 2010: http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/clima...aph=rain&year=2010&mon=10&area=vic&percent=97

    Oct 2011: http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/clima...aph=rain&year=2011&mon=10&area=vic&percent=97
  3. Day that is a good question and I thought about it before posting the thread. What convinced me was the high number of people that believed this was so, especially after the police had put their lights on warning road users of speed cameras. Many people said to me it was okay to not worry about going a little faster. I warned them to not believe it as they would still be booked. The perception was that this was the case.

    Definitely there are other factors but in this thread I wanted to explore the fear factor and whether people are pressured into errors.
  4. From the TAC website.

    They don’t miss an opportunity to have a go at people that ride motorcycles.

    It may be time for Janet Dore to move on as she has seriously lost the plot if she believes the road toll will reach zero.

    Record Low Monthly Toll Ends as Horror November Continues
    MEDIA RELEASE: 15 November, 2011

    Hopes of a fourth consecutive record low monthly road toll have vanished as a horror November on the roads continues.

    After the lowest October road toll ever was recorded last month, TAC statistics show that 16 people have died on the roads already in November and the road toll has gone from being 20 fewer than the same time last year, to just four fewer.

    On the 27 October, the state's road toll was 20 down on last year's figure at that time (221 compared to 241 at the same time).

    August, September and October were all record-low monthly tolls recording 16, 13 and 19 deaths respectively.

    TAC Chief Executive Officer, Janet Dore, said the past 15 days on the roads had been horrific.

    "The collision at Penshurst on Saturday was one of the worst we have ever had, and it should serve as a reminder to all drivers and riders how dangerous it can be out there on the roads," Ms Dore said.

    Last November recorded the lowest monthly road toll of the year with 12 deaths.

    "Your safety and your passengers' safety is in your hands," Ms Dore said.

    "The TAC, VicRoads and Police will continue to target road users with our messages, campaigns and enforcement, and we will never be satisfied until our road toll is zero.

    "But we can't be everywhere all the time and we can't drive the car for you.

    "Individuals need to start taking more responsibility for their actions.

    "Every Victorian owns this problem – and unless we all do our bit, more Victorians will lose loved ones before Christmas and the New Year," she said.

    "That's why it is so important to have a conversation with your mates, your siblings, your colleagues and teammates about staying safe on the roads."

    Ms Dore said the trend could easily be reversed if drivers drove to the conditions, stayed within the speed limit and took extra care in the lead up to Christmas.

    More information about the road toll and daily stats updates can be accessed at www.tacsafety.com.au/statistics

    For further information please contact Sarah Henderson on 0429 294 262.

  5. Maybe I missed something, but I didn't see anything in there about motorcycles?!?!
  6. oddly, a fairly balanced statement imo. maybe someone's had a go at her already?
  7. She mentioned riders as a matter of course, but in light of the horror crashes involving cars over the last week I found what she said quite reasonable and balanced.
  8. I thought so initially but she associated motorcyclists to the crash. This is inappropriate and nothing more than a marketing ploy. Correct me if I am wrong here but they dont even know what happened in the accident.

    Why wasn’t there any mention about pedestrians?
  9. Are you reading the same thing we are???????
  10. SRA, turn down your bias filters mate.

    Janet doesn't mention motorcycles and mentions riders just the once:

    ""The collision at Penshurst on Saturday was one of the worst we have ever had, and it should serve as a reminder to all drivers and riders how dangerous it can be out there on the roads," Ms Dore said."

    That's what you call a community service announcement. Personally I would have preferred "...serve as a reminder to all road users..." but oh well.
  11. Rob I hear you but it’s no accident riders were put in that sentence. The article is softer due to all of the political pressure they have been subjected to lately. Now they will play it a little smarter by easing up on the marketing but attempting to nail us in the background with all the operations. We cannot afford to let up on them.

    It will be interesting to see what they say about the November road toll especially after the police ended their industrial action at the end of October.
  12. NM will be talking about the less road fatalities this morning during the industrial action where VP were warning people about speed cameras..

    There was less mony raised but less fatalities.
    Now they've gone back to more camera usage, fatalities have risen together with revenue.

    He's advocation less cameras and more police..
    May be interesting
  13. ^ Sounds interesting. Is this on radio? On that face of it, it does look like the time vicpol spent on the road (sitting at dangerous intersections with cameras) reduced fatalities. Hmmmm Definite argument for sign posting all speed cameras.
  14. Talking about it on radio this morning and it was in regards to an article on the Herald Sun.

    Started thread about it here...
  15. SRA stand proud mate you are correct, take a bow!!