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Does Kevlar have a "shelf life"?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MelbourneMick, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. I have a pair of Draggin Jeans that are around 2 and a half years old.
    They have kept in good condition as far as the stitching etc goes.
    Except for around the cuffs where they have torn through..

    They get washed irregularly and hung out to dry in the shade.

    Does Kevlar have a "shelf life" where it basically isn't what it use to be ?
    Does it degrade overtime ?
    What are the signs to look for?
  2. Ya not meant to eat it Mick.
  3. I did see a pack of noodles the other day that sported the phrase "Shelf Fresh" on the front
  4. I doubt they even know what that means. :D
  5. Yeah noodles aren't to smart.

    Seems like I have derailed my own thread.

    Lets see if someone knowledgable comes along
  6. hi there
  7. G'day Phil

    What's shakin'?
  8. Mick, next time they let you loose on an unsuspecting public read the instructions on ya Kevlar vest. Should give you all the info necessary.
  9. What ?
    Instructions ?
    Ha !
    Hand back your man card !
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  10. All right look at the best before date on it.
  11. Now we are getting some credible input in this thread ! Haha
  12. hey mick
    she ll be right mate , maybe wear em inside out.
    works gor socks n jocks
  13. Kevlar's a synthetic polymer so it will degrade over time, especially if exposed to UV for long periods. However, it's pretty tough stuff and so I'd expect the denim to fall apart around it before it deteriorated to any significant extent.
  14. Now your talkin'
    This thread needed an ideas man !
  15. Thanks Pat,
    The Kevlar itself seems to be holding up pretty well
    And yeah I reckon the rest of the jeans will fall apart first.
    Haven't has massive UV exposure so might get Another year out of then
  16. Thinking about it, woven kevlar is a major component in many composite structures which might reasonably be expected to have a longer functional life than a pair of riding jeans. Aircraft and cars, for example.
  17. So I guess the big killer would be from UV exposure whilst drying otherwise they should be up to the task.
  18. I gave up wearing dragins cos I kept wearing them out. Mostly the denim wore but the Kevlar ar wore too. In the end I didn't trust them to hold together if I slid down the road in them
  19. I wear them in my short daily commute but other than that I'm stylin like a Power Ranger in full effect!

    Did you find that issue was just Draggjns in particular ? Or is that a commonality amongst most Kevlar Jeans?
  20. You sure it just wasn't a bit of Engrish for "shellfish"?