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Does it get any luckier?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by skot_e, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. thats pretty damn close.....but imagine the mess it woulda made if it hit him??!!! :grin:
  2. Damn that was lucky! If that other bike was a little lower, he wouldn't have had a head! I'm surprised there weren't more serious injuries the way all those bikes hit the wall.
  3. So crazy :shock: Have seen it before a million times but i still watched it coz it's so close!!
  4. That is nuts, the bloke has the close call and then it raining bikes against the wall :shock:
    Insanity :twisted:
  5. now that was lucky. maaaaan. i cringed. and then all the ones crashing after he left a slick patch on the track.... very luck noone was seriously injured.
  6. farrrr out..
  7. Hmm, would have been an interesting view from inside his helmet... :shock:
  8. im sure if it was rossi we'd have some butt cam of the incident, very fortunate this guy