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Does it count as a drop?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, May 22, 2009.

  1. (note for the wry-humour-challenged: not a serious enquiry)

    So, dropped the Bandit this morning. I was a bit pissed off because the young dog had dug his way out under the fence then run into the house covered in mud and jumped on my bed. Threw him back in the yard, filled the hole with dirt and a plank, and hoped like hell he won't get out today and annoy the neighbours. The wife, whose dog he is, can clean up the house, but if anyone in the Brisbane area is looking for a smart, affectionate, extremely energetic Border Collie, drop me a PM. ;)

    So I was not a happy camper when I jumped on the bike (don't ride angry, kids!) Was riding across the wet grass on the front lawn and gave it a smidge of extra throttle, and it's big lowside city. Bike ended up facing back the way we'd come.

    The lawn slopes, and the bike was shiny-side-down-slope, on wet grass, so the approved technique for lifting didn't work due to a lack of traction and very tight knee angles... So I had to face it instead and hoik it up: which worked OK.

    And... not a mark! Had to re-adjust one mirror and brush a bit of grass and mud off the pipe, peg and front brake lever and that's it. Couple of twinges around my body which I'm not sure whether they're from the drop or the lift, but remarkably cheap all around.

    So, since people seem to think you're always going to drop it, and since I haven't for almost 3 years, does this count as my drop? Am I good for the next 3 years or so (riding as carefully as usual)?

    If so, maybe I should give the wet grass another go in about 2012!
  2. Hmmm, don't know if that will count as a drop... Think you should just push it over when your parked just to be safe :p

    Srsly though, thats damn lucky getting away without a mark.
  3. It doesn't matter if you land on pillows or cement, a drop is a drop.

    Well done and enjoy the next 3 years you luck bastard LOL :cool:
  4. I was waiting for your to tell us that you and the bike went sliding down the hill together....like when as kids do this on purpose on our BMX's (or is that just me?)....

    the next time your riding across the lawn, you may lowside thanks to the 4 foot hole puppy dog love has dug for you as a surprise...
  5. I've dropped the beemer twice in the backyard on grass because of the bloody dog.
    Slow full lock turn then dog runs in front brake DOWN WE GO
    no marks on the bike either time apart from dirt.
    My wife always sees the funny side of it when I'm screaming "fcukIN DOG!" on the way down.
  6. It wasn't just you. :)

    Lucky you could continue on your merry way without any injuries or repair bills to deal with Bravus.
  7. Yeah mate that's a drop. Not so sure about the 3 year grace though.
    They're not that heavy when the adrenalin is pumping are they?
    I hoiked mine so hard it almost went over on the other side.
  8. would have been slow and majestic too i guess..
    my last bike fell off a dodgey stand in the garage prior to getting a propper stand and the er6 was gently laid down as i was walking it backwards one day.. im all dropped out for at least 6 years..
  9. just pissed myself laughing getting the mental picture of this :LOL:
  10. Best place to practice crashing is on grass! :LOL:
  11. As others have said .. "a drop is a drop" so yep it counts! :grin:

    I did similar coming into the last Z-Owners Rally at Conondale on my ZL1000 Eliminator .. two-up, fully laden with panniers, tankbag and camping gear for two!!

    Slow and majestic and not a darn thing I could do about it once the front wheel started to go ... except crack up laughing all the way down!! Basically went down a sloping 300mm drop away .. wet grass and mud .. I thought I had it all sussed .. nope!! :LOL: :LOL:

    We'd gotten to the rally early .. basically the first there .. after my little drop the "committee" decided to change the route into the rally site :LOL: :LOL: ..

    Anyways .. glad you and the bike got away relatively unscathed .. notch it up to experience :LOL:

    Cheers ....

    edit: fixed spelling
  12. This one was actually quick and somewhat spectacular, because it was the back wheel spinning up not the front sliding out...
  13. i just want to know that if after you went down the raised your palm in the air and nodded your head to claim the brilliance..