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does it cost to use citylink

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GOOSH, May 6, 2006.

  1. hey guys, have no idea but does it cost for motorbikes to use citylink. i know they were free when it first started but is it still free now. thanx

  2. AFAIK if you travel at or under the speed limit there are no charges for motorcycles using the Citylink Domain tunnel.
  3. Yeah Its free..
  4. cool, so the only thing i might have to pay is for a speeding fine. thanx. going to the footy tonight and wanna use citylink. so it will cost me cheaper than taking the car. thanx
  5. don't forget petrol as well :wink:
  6. i know petrol. the petrol in bike is cheaper than me taking myself in my ford territory.
  7. Using the citylink on a bike is not free, just that they will not be charged for the trip.
  8. make sure you use that new disc lock of your Goosh, the evil doers will know you won't be out till full time.
  9. the bike was safe all nite, there was a security guard at the bottom of the stairs at gate 6 and he was there all nite in front of the bikes, there were sumthing like 15 bikes, and all were fine. thinking of taking the bike to the games always from now on
  10. Another option for taking bike to footy is to park at the crown,
    check in your gear at the crown claokroom and then walk to the tesltra dome or tram it to the G.
  11. Park at crown :shock:
    you might as well just leave the keys in it
  12. free, cool.

    I was just wondering this myself today.
  13. The toll works by the camera taking a photo of your front no plate then matching it to the etag. So as a bike has no front plate, it cannot work. Thats another reason for the money takers wanting front plates on bikes.
  14. Well put Smee.

    Transurban has the right to charge motorcycles who use the CityLink roads :deal: but hasn't taken that option as yet due to the issue of how riders can safely carry an E-Tag but I'll gaurantee once the bugs are ironed out of the rego plate recognition software they'll start charging almost immediately (why do you think those rear looking cameras were installed last year??).

    The Eastlink (Ringwood-Frankston Tollway) will not be using E-Tags but is going down the Rego plate recognition path so once that is proven I expect to see Transurban jump on that bandwagon pretty quickly if not before Eastlink.

    Enjoy the free ride while it lasts ](*,)
  15. blue 12.. lets be honest here.. its the ONLY reason they want front numberplates.

    but i digress.. lap it up.. use it as much as you can, they'll find some way ti sting us in the end.. they always do.
  16. If they do I hope unlike rego these days, the cost is proportionate to our traffic congestion capacity and weight. If we get slogged with the same fee as a 1.5 tonne cage then F them.
  17. a few things here guys.
    - didnt need to park at crown and use cloakroom cause i was in the carlton draught corporate box and it had its own waiters who took my gear from me and stored it away.
    - secondly, front numberplates. when citylink was first built, they only had the ability to take front snaps of numberplates. if u have noticed recently, they have erected a new set of cameras at everypart where the front cameras are (therefore front and back) . this was not only because of motorbikes, but because people driving cars caught on to this and started covering there front numberplate or not displaying it so they didnt have to pay for tolls. now they got rear cameras, its just a matter of time b4 they decide to start tolling us bikers.
  18. hey guys...just wanted to get an update on this issue as i have recently got a bike. so is city link still free for motorbikes? cheers.
  19. Things have not changed, you can still enjoy the free ride.
  20. Then again if you take your etag out of the cage and with you on the bike you are probably going to find you have paid for the trip.